05 February 2013

Welp, It's February.

In my family, this means birthday season. I'm pretty sure there's like 10 birthdays within the first two weeks of February around here, with Dad kicking it off on the first.

As we were singing happy birthday to you, we came to that part where everyone says "Haaaappy Birthdayyy to Jaaaaaason" but of course I, being your daughter, said "Haaappy Birthdayyyy to Daddddyyyyy." It hit me that 17 years ago I barely knew what a daddy was, 15 years ago I was kind of getting used to my mom marrying this new "daddy" figure, 8 years ago I was confused at how somebody could possibly love another human being as deeply as a daddy loves his daughter (even when she kicks and screams all the way), and three days ago I sang "daddy" to the first man I ever loved. It's really kind of awesome.
Happy Birthday Daddy!
 Oh and you're welcome for that cute cake I made you ;)


Chelsea said...

That really IS a cute cake. You are talented, girlfriend.

Denise said...

My family has a lot of February birthdays too, including mine! Yeah!

Meg said...

That is THE cutest cake!! I'm loving your blog :-) Xo

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