28 March 2013

I'm Noticing a Pattern Here

Every week I go on Polyvore and create another outfit to put in my imaginary closet. Every week I really try not to include a plain, fitted t-shirt. Because for some reason, it feels like I'm cheating and it's not really fashion anymore if theres a t-shirt involved. Fact is, I'm just a jeans and t-shirt girl, and even with an unlimited budget it doesn't look like that's ever going to change!

Just Peachy

Just Peachy by laynahrose

{ Happy Easter, pretties }

27 March 2013

5 Reasons Why I'm Pretty Awkward.

A great thing about blogging, is that socially awkward people like me have a fighting chance at getting our thoughts out there in a way that usually makes sense (because posts are able to be re-read and edited). But a not so great thing about blogging, is that non socially awkward people that don't NEED any editing, can also edit their lives...convincing the rest of us that they're dang near perfect or something. That's why my favorite blog is The Daybook. She write beautifully, takes amazing pictures, and comes up with adorable outfits all the time - but she still somehow has this ability to keep things real! She is the mastermind behind Awkward and Awesome Thursday, which was probably the best link-up of all time. I can't be the only one that looked forward to embracing the awkward once a week, right? So today I thought it would be fun to come up with a short compilation of awkward moments for all to enjoy.

In Chronological Order:

1. Once, a boy and I took a walk. He really liked me a lot. I just thought he was cool to have around, so I let him call me his girlfriend. On this walk...he takes me to the top of a mountain to confess his love for me. I really couldn't handle telling him how I felt, so every time he tried to talk I pretended to be wildly interested in the bugs walking by. To the point that I was crouching down low to the ground, and following their every move.

2. After Matthew and I started dating, we couldn't get enough of each other, obvi. I worked a whole hour and a half away from his house, but we could still come up with some great reasons why he needed to come hang out with me after work. One night, I wanted him to come with me to a coworker's church dinner. It was a fundraiser dinner so the girls in the ward could go to girls camp. Two problems: it was a Spanish speaking ward, and I didn't know ANYBODY there except for my one friend. Oh and I barely knew where it was. But we finally found it, and before we got out of the truck I already had the giggles just thinking about the potential awkwardness about to unfold. We approach the Spanish speaking members and try English first, just to see if anyone understands us. Nope. Then we go around calling my coworkers name - which was Margarita, by the way. We approached every single group of people there asking for Margarita (with me laughing hysterically the entire time), and go figure...every single person looked at us like we were insane. For the record, I have never brought any of this up to Margarita. Don't ask don't tell, right?

3. One Sunday, after our first date and before we started getting serious, Matthew and I were sitting at church together with our friend Spencer. Matthew's dad is the Stake President in our area (in case you don't know, LDS wards are grouped into stakes kinda like cities are grouped into counties.). Well his dad was up at the pulpit, addressing our Young Single Adult Ward and he was talking excitedly about all the changes that were happening. To show us what he meant, he said "Everybody raise your hands if you have recently received your mission call." Many hands went up in the air.  "Raise your hands if you are preparing to go on a mission in the near future." Many hands went up in the air. "Raise your hands if you have recently become engaged." A few hands went up in the air. Then, just to be funny, he laughed and said "Raise your hands if you are ABOUT to be engaged." There were a few snorts of laughter from the congregation, and after a short pause, one hand went up in the air. Mine. There I am: single, sitting between two boys, and declaring that I'll be the next one engaged. WHY I did this? Good question. I often find myself asking that same thing.. Little did I know, that a few short months later, I would be sitting around President Crawley's dinner table with his family while he asked "Hey didn't you raise your hand that one time..."


These last two aren't really awkward stories, as much as they are confessions. I will preface them by saying that Jessica Alba's character in Good Luck Chuck is the story of my life. Matthew will vouch for this if you need him to. Observe:

4. A month or so ago I paid for someone else's gas. On accident. I don't usually pay for gas with cash, but this time it was all I had on me, so I went inside, paid for my gas, came back out to my car, and drove away.  A little while later I was like hey...um, I'm still on E. Oh yeeeah I skipped that one important step of FILLING UP THE TANK. My bad.

5. I am very forgetful. People say that all the time, but I'm pretty sure I'm the only person who has ever remembered to pack everything they needed for a week-long trip to Texas EXCEPT PANTS. That's what kind of "forgetful" we're talkin' about here. Well lately, I often seem to forget this one important thing at work. This is something that I never forget on a day I go to church or school or just out to run errands - only when I leave for work. This one important thing is a BRA. Yeah. I forget to wear a bra to work. All the time. Don't ask me why.

Do you have any awkward stories you've been holding in since the Awkward and Awesome link-up died? I'd like to hear them!

25 March 2013

My Decorating Challenge: Living Room Edition

Up until recently, paint splatters/messy handprints on hot pink walls, and glue-sticking magazine clippings onto my one wall covered in cardboard was the extent of my decorating skills. Proof:

But now I have to share my space with someone, and I gotta admit - I was nervous about learning how to make our little apartment feel less like a teenage girl cave and more like a home. This was made more challenging by the fact that Matthew and I acquired all sorts of mis-matched furniture when we got married. Now it's my job to make all of those different pieces flow together in one space - and after months of brainstorming, I have come up with a plan of attack.

Here's what we have to work with (for the living/dining room):
- Black entertainment center (complete with a free TV and DVD player! Score)
- Brown leather couch
- Wooden dining room table
- One large red and tan rug with green accents

The rug is so big, that it kind of steals the show. Coming up with a design scheme around it has not been easy, but in the end I decided on mostly all neutrals with a little bit of red thrown in, and black accents. I got lucky and found this vinyl wall art from Pier One for $14.99, and I LOVE it because it brings all the colors together nicely. The lamp is from Target and it is the apple of my eye, because it gives off a soft cozy glow. Besides those two things, the living room is still a work in progress, but this is what I'm picturing:

Living Room

As for the dining room, I just carried it over. Got some black fold up chairs, and cream colored seat cushions to go with them at Target. We originally had red table cloths, but they weren't working for us because they stained easy, so I went to Bed Bath and Beyond to pick up some  brown circular indoor/outdoor ones that can handle our messy eating! The container on the table is actually a cream color, and the vase filler inside is actually shades of red, but this is the best I could come up with...

Dining Room

The whole process has been super fun so far! It's like, when you were playing house as a kid, except now you're all grown up and have a hot man and a budget to actually work with. Matthew is funny because he actually cares about the design scheme, and will voice his concern if he thinks I'm getting too eccentric. In fact, he helped me pick out the clock when I was making the living room set on Polyvore, because the one I had chosen wasn't working haha!

21 March 2013

Colored Denim

The very first time I ever went thrift shopping, I bought these pants:

Um, yes...that is the Hunger Games I am reading. Back to the pants though; I think they are just the prettiest shade and I treasure them, as they are my only pair of colored denim. Which, by the way, is my favorite trend EVER. Unfortunately, every time I wear them I remember with sadness, their pair of sister jeans, which I did not buy. Same brand, same price, same size...but in LAVENDER. For some reason, that day I felt that I only needed the mint colored ones. Obviously I was unwell in the head - and have regretted it ever since. 

A Chilly Spring

This week for Friday's Fancies, I put together a spring outfit using that same pair of lavender jeans that I DON'T have. I also bring you this word of advice: If you are ever in a similar situation where you can't decide whether to take it or leave it...ALWAYS take it if the dang thing is only a dollar fifty!

PS - If you're wondering what a scarf and a cardigan are doing in my spring outfit, they are there to ward off the hint of winter that continues to linger in my area.

Husbands Say the Darndest Things!

(This just seemed like a good picture to go along with this post)
Last night, I was scrolling through pinterest when I saw this stinkin cute birth announcement. I stopped to ooh and ah over it (as usual, when I see something adorable) and (as usual), Matthew came to see what I was looking at.
NOT as usual, he had something to say about it. He said:
"I don't understand baby announcements. You know what my kind of baby announcement is? Telling people 'Hey by the way, the reason my wife is this big is because she's pregnant!"
After I died laughing and came back to life, I thought about the weird things girls do that they think are so necessary...engagement pictures, gender reveal cakes, baby announcements, etc...for some reason, it reminded me of a blog post I recently read. I thought it would be fun to recreate the interview with my husband to test his knowledge of current fashion trends.
What is Ombre?
It's that stupid hair.
Whats arm candy? 
Is that when a hot dude is like, hanging on you?
 And all the ladies are like "Hey, check out my arm candy."
 Is it that correct?
 What's a Maxi?
I know what a maxi pad is.
That's about as far as my knowledge on that goes.

What is chambray? 
Sounds kinda like Ombre.
I think its a color.

What is a peep toe?
Its uh, its the shoe that...its flat...
but it doesn't have a lot of foot protection on the top.
So it kinda peeps.
I later showed him a peep toe shoe and asked if he understood why it was called a peep toe. He said "I do. My eyes have really been opened." Hahaha.

 What's this?
That's uh, that's a bra.

What is a top knot? 
A knot on the top.
The opposite of a bottom knot.
 What is color blocking? 
I uh, I have no clue what that is.
After being prompted to guess:
The act of making a block of colors.
 What is peplum? 
Its a shirt!
I know that one.
What kind of a shirt?
It's got the frillies, right?
 Whats a bubble necklace?
A necklace with a bubble on it?
What are wedges?
They're the heels that have a big ol' block of wood.
There's no pointy heel.
What are wellies?
Willies? That's when you put your finger in your mouth, then you stick it in someone's ear.
What is fringe?
It's that gay lacy stuff.
Okay! That was the last question!
How did I do? Did I pass the test?
I guess when we scroll through Pinterest, it doesn't really occur to us that other people don't know what these things are...but I realized last night that girls really do have their own jargon that you'd have to either be a girl or a fashion designer to understand.

19 March 2013

Happy Happenings

The other night, hubs and I went on a date. First we went to Joanns to pick up a yard of fabric for this future project. Then we had probably the most delicious dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings...where we have actually been going a lot lately (I don't want to know what they put in their chili con queso dip but it is ADDICTING). After dinner, Matt had to pick some things up for a project of his own at Lowes.
That's when it hit me.

Lowes is an arts and crafts store for men! The supplies he needed were for a project he was doing with some young men in our church...he had to build a fake wall, so that they could put holes in it, so he could teach them how to patch a hole. You know, man training. I thought it was so dang cute, I took photo evidence the entire time. 

I'm sure the neighbors enjoyed the sound of that nail gun after dark.

 And there you have it! My husband can whip up a great little wall, just like that.
In other news:
1.)  I just want you to know that I'm still excited as ever about the bubble run. The tickets are hanging on our fridge waiting for May 25th, and I even went out and ran today (Which was an event. I had to decide whether I was more scared of treadmills...or running alone through the ghetto in which I live). I ended up running about a mile and a half in half an hour. Is that good? No. Is that bad? No. It's just me. All those numbers mean, is that's where I'm at right now, and I'm dang proud that I even did it!

2.) Both Matthew and I got new jobs! The first day of Matthew's new job was the last day of my old job, so we had a lot to be excited about. A few of the girls at work helped me celebrate by sending me out with a delicious lunch, cake included!

3.) I went shopping for mission shoes with Chloe'. We got distracted at one point by the marvelous collection of "Kentucky Derby Hats" that Dillards has to offer...and I made her take a picture of me, in true blogger fashion.
4.) This one isn't really an update, but I saw this video and thought it was funny.
I think you'll either love it, or you'll hate it.

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17 March 2013

Whats the word for a bromance between two girls?

Whatever that word is, it applies to the way I adore this girl! I recently had the most beautiful experience, when I was able to go with my dear friend Chloe' on her first visit to the temple (in preparation for the 18 month mission she will soon be serving for our church). She hasn't even left yet, and I already miss her.

Chloe' is the type of person that you just can't help but be drawn to, because her positive energy is so contagious. She is the type of friend who you go to if you need to feel like someone is listening, and can relate to you OR if you need a partner in crime for one of your crazy antics. She bears her testimony of the gospel in the way she lives her life, and I think it's safe to say that the people of Denver Colorado will be lucky to have her.


Long story short: I am so glad that she let me tag along with her to the temple the other day (also serendipitous, since everyone forgot their camera except for me. Ha, can you tell I'm a blogger?). It was a beautiful day to go, and (like always) I feel like I walked out a better person than I was when I walked in.

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14 March 2013

Summer 2013 and I are off to a great start

The other day I was driving to class in my hoopty (windows down, country music up). When I got stopped at a red light, I looked out the window and saw this:

 It was like summer had tapped me on the shoulder and was saying "Here I am! Don't you miss me? I forgive you for ignoring me last year because you were too busy being a bridezilla wedding planner."  The rest is history...that's the story of how I fell in love with summer 2013. A little early? Maybe, but I went ahead and added this outfit to my imaginary closet anyways. I also started brain-storming fun summer dates with my man.

Ode to Summer

 And brain-storm I did...
Guess what Matthew and I are doing on May 25th.
(wait for it)
I. could. not. be. more. excited.
Just telling him the good news was entertaining in itself...
Me: "I signed us up to do a 5k!"
Matt: "What? We aint runnin' that."
Me: "But it's fun!"
Matt: -sighs- "Wife, you don't know what fun is."
Me: "But it IS fun! They spray bubble foam at you and everything!"
Matt: "Well that changes things...Now it sounds even more un-fun than before."

 { Hahaha, oh he so silly }
I think he was only giving me a hard time though, because he totally agreed to do it despite the fact that I told him 3 times that I honestly wouldn't be upset if he didn't want to do it, and I could easilly find a friend to go with instead. I think he's secretly excited too :)
Is there, by any chance, anyone in my area who will also be running with bubbles??

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12 March 2013

Party Animals

Remember this post?
Well, this one is basically just an extension of that one, except it has tacos. Our little cousins (twinsies) turned five recently, and they had a super cool birthday party in their backyard with all their friends and a few party animals!
Cute angry fox thing.
They let a tarantula crawl all over one of the birthday boys.
The other birthday boy was having none of that.

Fun Fact: I'm pretty sure he said that this crow (except its not really a crow, I think its called something else) will be in the movie Dark Shadows that's coming out with Johnny Depp. There's some kind of law about not being able to use birds from America in movies? So this is bird is from some other country, and they have to dye his white feathers black for the movie.

 Just look at that little hedgehog face!

So that's basically it. A great day with family!
Did I mention we also had the best tacos ever?
Happy Birthday Tommy and Trenton!

05 March 2013

Another Pinterest Fail

Last week I was super bummed that I had to work allll day on Matthew's birthday. I still wanted him to know I was thinking of him though, so I decided to surprise him by decorating a little bit. 
Obviously I wasn't expecting it to turn out like that picture  because I was decorating a crappy apartment instead of a wedding reception, but I think you understand how it looked in my head. (Although I do admit to choosing an extra classy photo for contrast.) I quickly learned that quality balloon garlands don't just happen in a matter of a couple hours.
Although when it comes to me, I'm not so sure quality balloon garlands happen at all. He laughed when he came home to find me on the floor, struggling to manage my static-y/tangle-y mess, and you can imagine how grateful I was when he left to go get us some ice cream (buying enough time for me to throw my shenanigans on the ceiling).
ta. da.

 Obviously this is not how I intended them to look, but I think he appreciated the gesture, even though we had to nickname our living room the octopus baby cave.
 Complete with caressing of the "eggs" just like mama octopi do with theirs.
(So I might have made him watch one too many nature documentaries)
That Sunday there were birthday dinners to be had in honor of Matthew AND my little brother. Problem was, they were in separate towns - so we went to go see our touchy Fealys before eating with our Creepy Crawleys, and enjoyed a nice Sunday drive along the way. Today we are back at the old grind and actually loving it! Hopefully the rest of the week continues to be a productive one :)

02 March 2013

Pics ir it Didn't Happen!

I  was recently forced by my eyeballs to break down and switch from contacts to glasses, and me and my face are here today to introduce our newest addition!
 BTW, liking them is mandatory since I am NOT going back to contacts anytime soon

These glasses have led to a lot of discussion about hipsters around these parts. Although I know I am not a hipster (because I don't have a smartphone and I like eating meat) Matthew claims that I dress like one. I can't really argue, because I AM kind of into their laidback style...but I wear bootcut jeans for vintage sake! Here's what it really comes down to: if the oxford shoe fits, I'm okay with any label that puts me in the same company as the Disney Princesses. I'm literally obsessed with them (probably before you were).

jk you guys :)

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