27 March 2013

5 Reasons Why I'm Pretty Awkward.

A great thing about blogging, is that socially awkward people like me have a fighting chance at getting our thoughts out there in a way that usually makes sense (because posts are able to be re-read and edited). But a not so great thing about blogging, is that non socially awkward people that don't NEED any editing, can also edit their lives...convincing the rest of us that they're dang near perfect or something. That's why my favorite blog is The Daybook. She write beautifully, takes amazing pictures, and comes up with adorable outfits all the time - but she still somehow has this ability to keep things real! She is the mastermind behind Awkward and Awesome Thursday, which was probably the best link-up of all time. I can't be the only one that looked forward to embracing the awkward once a week, right? So today I thought it would be fun to come up with a short compilation of awkward moments for all to enjoy.

In Chronological Order:

1. Once, a boy and I took a walk. He really liked me a lot. I just thought he was cool to have around, so I let him call me his girlfriend. On this walk...he takes me to the top of a mountain to confess his love for me. I really couldn't handle telling him how I felt, so every time he tried to talk I pretended to be wildly interested in the bugs walking by. To the point that I was crouching down low to the ground, and following their every move.

2. After Matthew and I started dating, we couldn't get enough of each other, obvi. I worked a whole hour and a half away from his house, but we could still come up with some great reasons why he needed to come hang out with me after work. One night, I wanted him to come with me to a coworker's church dinner. It was a fundraiser dinner so the girls in the ward could go to girls camp. Two problems: it was a Spanish speaking ward, and I didn't know ANYBODY there except for my one friend. Oh and I barely knew where it was. But we finally found it, and before we got out of the truck I already had the giggles just thinking about the potential awkwardness about to unfold. We approach the Spanish speaking members and try English first, just to see if anyone understands us. Nope. Then we go around calling my coworkers name - which was Margarita, by the way. We approached every single group of people there asking for Margarita (with me laughing hysterically the entire time), and go figure...every single person looked at us like we were insane. For the record, I have never brought any of this up to Margarita. Don't ask don't tell, right?

3. One Sunday, after our first date and before we started getting serious, Matthew and I were sitting at church together with our friend Spencer. Matthew's dad is the Stake President in our area (in case you don't know, LDS wards are grouped into stakes kinda like cities are grouped into counties.). Well his dad was up at the pulpit, addressing our Young Single Adult Ward and he was talking excitedly about all the changes that were happening. To show us what he meant, he said "Everybody raise your hands if you have recently received your mission call." Many hands went up in the air.  "Raise your hands if you are preparing to go on a mission in the near future." Many hands went up in the air. "Raise your hands if you have recently become engaged." A few hands went up in the air. Then, just to be funny, he laughed and said "Raise your hands if you are ABOUT to be engaged." There were a few snorts of laughter from the congregation, and after a short pause, one hand went up in the air. Mine. There I am: single, sitting between two boys, and declaring that I'll be the next one engaged. WHY I did this? Good question. I often find myself asking that same thing.. Little did I know, that a few short months later, I would be sitting around President Crawley's dinner table with his family while he asked "Hey didn't you raise your hand that one time..."


These last two aren't really awkward stories, as much as they are confessions. I will preface them by saying that Jessica Alba's character in Good Luck Chuck is the story of my life. Matthew will vouch for this if you need him to. Observe:

4. A month or so ago I paid for someone else's gas. On accident. I don't usually pay for gas with cash, but this time it was all I had on me, so I went inside, paid for my gas, came back out to my car, and drove away.  A little while later I was like hey...um, I'm still on E. Oh yeeeah I skipped that one important step of FILLING UP THE TANK. My bad.

5. I am very forgetful. People say that all the time, but I'm pretty sure I'm the only person who has ever remembered to pack everything they needed for a week-long trip to Texas EXCEPT PANTS. That's what kind of "forgetful" we're talkin' about here. Well lately, I often seem to forget this one important thing at work. This is something that I never forget on a day I go to church or school or just out to run errands - only when I leave for work. This one important thing is a BRA. Yeah. I forget to wear a bra to work. All the time. Don't ask me why.

Do you have any awkward stories you've been holding in since the Awkward and Awesome link-up died? I'd like to hear them!


Thien Do said...

What a fun post! I enjoyed reading it.

I remember yearsss ago, I was at a retreat for my scholarship program and it seems like everyone has to do those awful icebreakers. We had to share something unique to us. I was on the spot and was so flustered. I had no idea what to say. I wanted to say something that was different from everyone else's..unique, right? Anyways, I told the group that I had accidentally farted on the Great Wall during a foreign exchange trip. Awkward... I'm sure a made a great first impression.I'm sure I'm making a great impression right now too :/ eh, take pride our quirks I say! Even if our quirks leave our moths blabbering the most awkward things.

Lindsay said...

Oh my WORD. If I forgot to wear a bra to work, the whole world would know. I'm a bit busty. :) You're lucky you can get away with that.

And I think the most awkward thing that happened to me was when I wet my pants in front of a boy on a date -- and my roommate, who was on a date with her boyfriend, too, wet her pants as well. NOT GOOD.

Joanna said...

Oh My! Those stories of you being forgetful really tops them all. So funny! My father-in-law drove away with the pump still connected to his car once. I'll learn from both of your mistakes.

Chelsea said...

That's so funny about you raising your hand in church! Haha! Gotta love the singles wards!

Desiree Macke said...

My life is one big awkward.
Hilarious post. Who needs bras anyway?!

karajean said...

I have TOTALLY forgotten to wear a bra before. But then again, I hate wearing bras, so maybe it was my subconscious.

I can't believe you raised your hand to that question! So funny!

Corinne said...

Haha, I am the queen of awkward and creepy. I do not know what is wrong with me, I'm just terrible. Esp around new people!

Corinne x

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