21 March 2013

Colored Denim

The very first time I ever went thrift shopping, I bought these pants:

Um, yes...that is the Hunger Games I am reading. Back to the pants though; I think they are just the prettiest shade and I treasure them, as they are my only pair of colored denim. Which, by the way, is my favorite trend EVER. Unfortunately, every time I wear them I remember with sadness, their pair of sister jeans, which I did not buy. Same brand, same price, same size...but in LAVENDER. For some reason, that day I felt that I only needed the mint colored ones. Obviously I was unwell in the head - and have regretted it ever since. 

A Chilly Spring

This week for Friday's Fancies, I put together a spring outfit using that same pair of lavender jeans that I DON'T have. I also bring you this word of advice: If you are ever in a similar situation where you can't decide whether to take it or leave it...ALWAYS take it if the dang thing is only a dollar fifty!

PS - If you're wondering what a scarf and a cardigan are doing in my spring outfit, they are there to ward off the hint of winter that continues to linger in my area.


rachel said...

ooo! i just love this outfit! :)

rachel said...

and then i creeped your polyvore which i loved even more! ;)

Stephanie + Walter said...

I loved colored denim...but I definitely cannot pull it off as well as you do.

Suzanne S. said...

I love your outfit! Everything looks great together:)

Stephanie said...

So cute! I love the color!

soanthro.com said...

Lavender jeans sound AMAZING. Such a fun look!

Lindsay said...

So pretty! I am kicking myself for not buying a pair of yellow skinny jeans that were pretty cheap. On the other hand, I have at least seven pairs of colored skinny jeans, so I really can't complain. :)

The Nelson Happenings said...

Love those lavender jeans :) and the purse is a must have too !
Have a great week !

Anonymous said...

thanks for share..

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