19 March 2013

Happy Happenings

The other night, hubs and I went on a date. First we went to Joanns to pick up a yard of fabric for this future project. Then we had probably the most delicious dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings...where we have actually been going a lot lately (I don't want to know what they put in their chili con queso dip but it is ADDICTING). After dinner, Matt had to pick some things up for a project of his own at Lowes.
That's when it hit me.

Lowes is an arts and crafts store for men! The supplies he needed were for a project he was doing with some young men in our church...he had to build a fake wall, so that they could put holes in it, so he could teach them how to patch a hole. You know, man training. I thought it was so dang cute, I took photo evidence the entire time. 

I'm sure the neighbors enjoyed the sound of that nail gun after dark.

 And there you have it! My husband can whip up a great little wall, just like that.
In other news:
1.)  I just want you to know that I'm still excited as ever about the bubble run. The tickets are hanging on our fridge waiting for May 25th, and I even went out and ran today (Which was an event. I had to decide whether I was more scared of treadmills...or running alone through the ghetto in which I live). I ended up running about a mile and a half in half an hour. Is that good? No. Is that bad? No. It's just me. All those numbers mean, is that's where I'm at right now, and I'm dang proud that I even did it!

2.) Both Matthew and I got new jobs! The first day of Matthew's new job was the last day of my old job, so we had a lot to be excited about. A few of the girls at work helped me celebrate by sending me out with a delicious lunch, cake included!

3.) I went shopping for mission shoes with Chloe'. We got distracted at one point by the marvelous collection of "Kentucky Derby Hats" that Dillards has to offer...and I made her take a picture of me, in true blogger fashion.
4.) This one isn't really an update, but I saw this video and thought it was funny.
I think you'll either love it, or you'll hate it.

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Courtney B said...

Eric is going to be SO happy when I point out that Lowe's is just an arts and craft store for men ;) ha ha!
What a great weekend!

Thien Do said...

I'm in LOVE with Buffalo Wild Wings. Since I moved last year, the nearest BWW is now a little over an hour away but I'll go now and then to chow down! Congratulations on the new jobs! I'm on the hunt for one right now.

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