21 March 2013

Husbands Say the Darndest Things!

(This just seemed like a good picture to go along with this post)
Last night, I was scrolling through pinterest when I saw this stinkin cute birth announcement. I stopped to ooh and ah over it (as usual, when I see something adorable) and (as usual), Matthew came to see what I was looking at.
NOT as usual, he had something to say about it. He said:
"I don't understand baby announcements. You know what my kind of baby announcement is? Telling people 'Hey by the way, the reason my wife is this big is because she's pregnant!"
After I died laughing and came back to life, I thought about the weird things girls do that they think are so necessary...engagement pictures, gender reveal cakes, baby announcements, etc...for some reason, it reminded me of a blog post I recently read. I thought it would be fun to recreate the interview with my husband to test his knowledge of current fashion trends.
What is Ombre?
It's that stupid hair.
Whats arm candy? 
Is that when a hot dude is like, hanging on you?
 And all the ladies are like "Hey, check out my arm candy."
 Is it that correct?
 What's a Maxi?
I know what a maxi pad is.
That's about as far as my knowledge on that goes.

What is chambray? 
Sounds kinda like Ombre.
I think its a color.

What is a peep toe?
Its uh, its the shoe that...its flat...
but it doesn't have a lot of foot protection on the top.
So it kinda peeps.
I later showed him a peep toe shoe and asked if he understood why it was called a peep toe. He said "I do. My eyes have really been opened." Hahaha.

 What's this?
That's uh, that's a bra.

What is a top knot? 
A knot on the top.
The opposite of a bottom knot.
 What is color blocking? 
I uh, I have no clue what that is.
After being prompted to guess:
The act of making a block of colors.
 What is peplum? 
Its a shirt!
I know that one.
What kind of a shirt?
It's got the frillies, right?
 Whats a bubble necklace?
A necklace with a bubble on it?
What are wedges?
They're the heels that have a big ol' block of wood.
There's no pointy heel.
What are wellies?
Willies? That's when you put your finger in your mouth, then you stick it in someone's ear.
What is fringe?
It's that gay lacy stuff.
Okay! That was the last question!
How did I do? Did I pass the test?
I guess when we scroll through Pinterest, it doesn't really occur to us that other people don't know what these things are...but I realized last night that girls really do have their own jargon that you'd have to either be a girl or a fashion designer to understand.


eryka {from abcde} said...

Bahahah. This is totally my hubs. He always says silly things like that. When i got a chambray he was like uhh that a demin shirt. Duh! Idk what chambray is....its a stupid word. haha

Stephanie + Walter said...

hahah this is hilarious! :)

Fealyclan said...

I can totally hear Matthew speaking through this post! Hahaha! Honestly, I'm not sure I know what half that stuff is! You guys are pretty cute.

nate and amy crandell said...

Umm this is hilarious!!! LOVE IT hahaha! You guys are a very cute couple :)

Anonymous said...

I'm a girl and not a fashion designer. I think he got more questions correct then I would have :) Not bad.

Desiree Macke said...


Ashley Rane Sparks said...

OMG! So funny! It's funny too how certain things become popular like the gender reveal cake. My youngest is 10 and I never heard of anyone doing that until recently. I also didn't have a candy bar at my wedding but now it's what everyone does. I've even blogged about it!
Crazy lady stuff!
Ashley Rane Sparks

karajean said...

Ha! I love this!

Jenny said...

hahahaha ~ this post is so funny. From the mouths of men....

Hearts & Crafts Boutique said...

Laynah, this pretty much is the funniest thing ever. I now have to test my husband, too. I'm sure he will fail miserably.

Thien Do said...

Hilarious! I'm totally going to do this. Thanks for sharing.

Grace and Joan said...

This post made me laugh so much, its sooo true! In the UK the gender reveal cakes, engagement parties, pregnancy celebrations etc arent that popular, but I'm sure we will follow whats happening America!



Ruth said...

That is hilarious.

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