12 March 2013

Party Animals

Remember this post?
Well, this one is basically just an extension of that one, except it has tacos. Our little cousins (twinsies) turned five recently, and they had a super cool birthday party in their backyard with all their friends and a few party animals!
Cute angry fox thing.
They let a tarantula crawl all over one of the birthday boys.
The other birthday boy was having none of that.

Fun Fact: I'm pretty sure he said that this crow (except its not really a crow, I think its called something else) will be in the movie Dark Shadows that's coming out with Johnny Depp. There's some kind of law about not being able to use birds from America in movies? So this is bird is from some other country, and they have to dye his white feathers black for the movie.

 Just look at that little hedgehog face!

So that's basically it. A great day with family!
Did I mention we also had the best tacos ever?
Happy Birthday Tommy and Trenton!


Desiree Macke said...

That is officially the coolest birthday party I've ever seen. Maybe one too many spiders and snakes, but the rest is awesome!!

Jen A @ Love, the Arthurs said...

I can't believe your little cousin was okay with a tarantula crawling on him! I would have FREAKED out! That little hedgehog face was adorable! What a fun birthday party!

Amy said...

This looks like so much fun!! I had a birthday party like this when I was really young, ha! I don't remember it too well, but we definitely have pictures! :)

s + b said...

Whoa! What an awesome party! I want to kiss that little hedgehog :)

Lindsay said...

So cool! I love the little hedgehog -- although the snake is giving me the heebie jeebies.

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