14 March 2013

Summer 2013 and I are off to a great start

The other day I was driving to class in my hoopty (windows down, country music up). When I got stopped at a red light, I looked out the window and saw this:

 It was like summer had tapped me on the shoulder and was saying "Here I am! Don't you miss me? I forgive you for ignoring me last year because you were too busy being a bridezilla wedding planner."  The rest is history...that's the story of how I fell in love with summer 2013. A little early? Maybe, but I went ahead and added this outfit to my imaginary closet anyways. I also started brain-storming fun summer dates with my man.

Ode to Summer

 And brain-storm I did...
Guess what Matthew and I are doing on May 25th.
(wait for it)
I. could. not. be. more. excited.
Just telling him the good news was entertaining in itself...
Me: "I signed us up to do a 5k!"
Matt: "What? We aint runnin' that."
Me: "But it's fun!"
Matt: -sighs- "Wife, you don't know what fun is."
Me: "But it IS fun! They spray bubble foam at you and everything!"
Matt: "Well that changes things...Now it sounds even more un-fun than before."

 { Hahaha, oh he so silly }
I think he was only giving me a hard time though, because he totally agreed to do it despite the fact that I told him 3 times that I honestly wouldn't be upset if he didn't want to do it, and I could easilly find a friend to go with instead. I think he's secretly excited too :)
Is there, by any chance, anyone in my area who will also be running with bubbles??

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Fealyclan said...

I love, love, love that picture!! The blooms on the trees are getting me all excited for summer too! I'm excited to hear all about the bubble run too!

Desiree Macke said...

That run sounds ah-may-zing! If I were close I'd totally run. Please take 101 photos of the race.
P.S. The summer outfit is adorable, but I think I like the ice cream the best. :)

nate and amy crandell said...

I love the collage! So excited for summer too! Good luck with the race, you are awesome :)

Ashley Rane Sparks said...

what I'm planning to wear this summer has totally been on my mind too! I keep planning outfits in my head!
Yours is darling...can't wait!
Have fun in the bubbles!
Ashley Rane Sparks

Chelsea Grey said...

That top photo is gorgeous! And I love all these summery fashion picks. Makes me wish it was warm enough to wear them right now! Have a fabulous weekend :) xx

Suzanne S. said...

Love the outfit you have put together. Good luck on the 5k! And running is actually fun!! :)


Chelsea said...

This is so fun! I've missed you so much summer!!!

Blue Dog Belle said...

Hmmm... So ready for summer!

Stephanie said...

Oh my, I'm so ready for summer. Luckily we had a really mild winter, and it's already warming up!

Also, that swimsuit! SO CUTE!!!

karajean said...

Bubble Run?! I'm not even a runner and that sounds amazing.

I too am falling in love with summer already. Last summer I was pregnant and spent the whole thing sick and fat and hot. I am so ready to enjoy this one!

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