17 March 2013

Whats the word for a bromance between two girls?

Whatever that word is, it applies to the way I adore this girl! I recently had the most beautiful experience, when I was able to go with my dear friend Chloe' on her first visit to the temple (in preparation for the 18 month mission she will soon be serving for our church). She hasn't even left yet, and I already miss her.

Chloe' is the type of person that you just can't help but be drawn to, because her positive energy is so contagious. She is the type of friend who you go to if you need to feel like someone is listening, and can relate to you OR if you need a partner in crime for one of your crazy antics. She bears her testimony of the gospel in the way she lives her life, and I think it's safe to say that the people of Denver Colorado will be lucky to have her.


Long story short: I am so glad that she let me tag along with her to the temple the other day (also serendipitous, since everyone forgot their camera except for me. Ha, can you tell I'm a blogger?). It was a beautiful day to go, and (like always) I feel like I walked out a better person than I was when I walked in.

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Fealyclan said...

Beautiful.Can I just say ditto to this whole post?

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