10 April 2013

About Priorities...

So, I go to school with this girl who is full time fabulous.
And I do mean full time.
At first it was hard not to get all judgy, but then I just admitted to myself that I was impressed beyond measure and started being secretly upset that she doesn't have a fashion blog I can stalk. Today she actually wore yoga pants and all I've been thinking about is how interesting it is that she has made looking nice such a strong trait of hers that it caught me off guard to see her in yoga pants. The big question is, how do girls like her do it? (Kendi and Sydney...I'm looking at you)

Today my husband answered that question.  He said "Priorities, baby...we all have them, and one of her biggest ones is looking nice, every day." (Hubs knows this girl from high school, and can attest to the fact that she has simply always been this way) That's deep though, right?? My next question was "What are my priorities?" What would someone think that my priorities are, after watching me from a distance? While I believe that looking nice is necessary for multiple reasons, I don't know if I'd want that to be my number one priority. Of course I had to make a list of things that are important to me, and here they are:
PRIORITY ONE: Getting things done, when they need to be done. In other words: stop procrastinating. This one is so broad that its hard to really set a specific goal, but I guess making to-do lists would be a good start.
PRIORITY TWO: Nailing a bedtime routine that works for both Matthew and I. I think that having scripture study and getting ready for bed right after dinner as opposed to right before bed would be helpful. Also, it would be really cool if I could stick to something like this.
PRIORITY THREE: Practice being kind. This one shouldn't be that hard, but for me it is I guess. You know...smile more, ask people about their lives, give sincere compliments.
Have you seen that sticky note method for habit building floating around Pinterest?
They say it takes 21 days to form a habit, and 2 days to break it.
Challenge. Accepted.

I'll just finish by saying that even though I didn't list it as a priority, putting time into your appearance every day certainly wont hurt anything ;) Thanks for the inspiration, all you full time fabulous ladies out there!


Stephanie + Walter said...

I wish I had time to be "full time fabulous" lol :)

meg bird said...

I've had this exact conversation with my husband haha. He basically says the exact same thing.

"Well, if you woke up two hours early to do your hair, you'd look like that too."

But I don't get up early to look good because my top priority is sleep. Just sleep. An extra half hour in bed is so worth looking less-than my best. To me, anyway!

Ginny said...

I like your take on priorities, and although I like to look nice daily it definitely shouldn't come above more I portent priorities like my faith, job, or family. Good reminder :)

Francis said...

Lol at full time fabulous. It's hard work but somebody has got to do it...::blows on nuckles:: I'm kidding! With a 4 month old, a toddler, and one in elementary, full time fabulous just isn't on my list of priorities anymore lol. As sweet brown would say (you tube sensation) not sure if you've seen it, but "ain't nobody got time for that!" Ha-ha. I do still make it a priority to look my best for parties, dinners etc, but it's not an everyday thing. Sometimes I look at some of those big fashion bloggers and think how exhausting it must be to keep up that image everyday.

Sally said...

The thing about Sydney is that she stays at home AND is full time fab!! I don't get it. I even HAVE to sort of look nice every day and I don't look that good. WAH.

Lindsay said...

Here's how I see it. I rarely wear makeup (like maybe once a month), and I wake up too late to ever straighten my crazy curly hair.

But when I do get all dressed up and straighten my hair and put makeup on, I get so many compliments and feel like a million bucks! It's worth it to me to focus on other things 99% of the time and then reap the rewards of people noticing a big difference. :)

Sarah said...

Haven't seen that habit forming thing but I love that idea. I can use it for drinking water as I soooo need to drink more!

aki! said...

Dude. I wonder this EVERY DAY. Sometimes I wonder if I'm putting too much effort into the way I dress. You know how if some people wore yoga pants, you wouldn't notice? But with her, you did?

I don't want to be that person who gets noticed when they dress down.

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Natasha xoxo said...

I'm obsessed with polkadots, so I'm lovin' that blouse :)

xo, tasha
twenty-something blog

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

love love love this! I have always loved the saying, "if it is important to you, you will make time for it." SO TRUE. I love the idea of the sticky note to build a habit. I need to get on that! I have the same shared goal of the bedtime!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

P.S. can't get over the fact that you are married to your own Matthew Crawley ;) haha Do you get that all the time now that Downton Abbey got so popular here in the states!

Susannah said...

I definitely wish that my priority could be looking fabulous. I guess I just have to be ok that it's not. :-) I love what you're trying to make your priorities!

melissa said...

Wow your hubs is a pretty smart dude. And it totally makes sense! My priorities are my kids, husband, store, and trying to build a business. I can't afford fashion every month! Now don't get me wrong..I like to look cute but that is more of a 4 day a week thing. And that is by putting together as many outfits i can with what I actually have. Not buying a new piece once a week or even once a month. I go shopping for clothes two-five times a year..but I just make sure I think their extra cute. You won't find me buying hoodies as I already have some. I kind of made a deal with myself to stop buying hoodies like 5 years ago. Worked so far!

Chelsea said...

This is an interesting post. I have to admit that I didn't dress up AT ALL when I was in school or college. No way! Maybe that cost me a couple of dates here and there but honestly the right guy isn't going to care if you spend an hour or more getting ready every day just to go to class. I think that is really silly. However, I do make a bigger effort to look nicer these days because I do want to make a good impression and don't want to look gross every day. However, no one should expect to look great and fashionable every single day. That is just too much and in my opinion isn't worth the effort.

Courtney B said...

Have you ever wondered what people think about you? For example, I view myself as a "plain jane" girl. My friends are GORGEOUS and I always wonder if people feel bad for me for being the plain one, surrounded by beauty. Ha ha, that sounds so ridiculous when I say it out loud (or type it out) but that's how I feel.
I say that because you are gorgeous!! Even if you don't spend hours getting ready, you are naturally very pretty! So that just gives you more time to focus on your other goals ;)
I totally need to do this sticky note thing. So happy you posted that!

Charity said...

I often think about things like that. I would love to be full time fabulous unfortunately with my life it's not feasible for the moments at home, work, or church. But I do think I could put more effort into my looks which is why I lost weight recently. I however haven't purchased a new wardrobe. I have made a commitment to be full time fabulous when I do get pregnant though. I will be that chick lol. Hopefully! Haha! Oh and the 21 days worked very well for me. It's how I established a quiet time routine. I do like using the tabs thought that's is an awesome reminder. Awesome post thought I should totally rewrite out my priorities somewhere they can be visible at all times. LOL.

karajean said...

Just want you to know I'm grabbing a button for my daily reads sidebar!

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