22 April 2013

My husband is as manly as they come.

This weekend, all of the wards in our stake got together to see whose scouts were the manliest of mountain men! They all met up on a mountain, and after braving the elements that night, woke up ready to test their proficiency on skills such as trap setting, fire starting, shooting, knife throwing, etc. My husband, of course,  led our boys to victory because he is the manliest of them all. Also, he told them that if they lost they were all walking home. There were no girls allowed, but my father in law got some great pictures:
Matthew, his brother, and his uncle...bright eyed and bushy tailed!
The manliest of breakfasts.
Doesn't my baby brother-in-law (Sawyer) have such a handsome smile??
The boys in mine and Matthew's ward, about ready to unleash their manliness.
Trap setting.
Sawyer: the master archer!
 That boy is real good with a bow and arrow.
And finally, just a couple of mountain men discussing manly mountain things.
It's so funny to see these pictures and then find yourself at church the next day, congratulating a bunch of nice boys in their Sunday best on being the manliest mountain men in the stake!
PS- While the mountain men are away, the girls will...shop. I must share my spoils soon!

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Thien Do said...

Hahah! While they're away, the girls will shop. So true!!!

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