12 April 2013

On Being Married at 21

AKA a long winded post about the butterflies and disappointments. Complete with wedding day pictures, because those things were expensive and must make themselves useful.

So I got a new job, in a new place, with new people who kinda lose their minds when I tell them I'm married. They tell me it was a mistake. They ask me if I'm 15 years old. They click their tongues and say "just because you like somebody, doesn't mean you should go marry them." These are all very hard to respond to.
Here's the story: I met a boy, we fell in love much more quickly than either of us anticipated, we decided to get married, and in a few years we might start having babies. I don't understand why this is so outrageous, and how all the highschool kids runnin around getting pregnant these days is the norm. Am I young? Yes. Was it fast? Yes. Am I so obsessed with my husband that it's hard to see me as more than just a little girl with a crush sometimes? Maybe.

The thing is, there's just a lot to be obsessed about. I learn more and more about him as time goes on, and each time I thaaank thank thank my lucky stars that with all of the stupid decisions I have made in my life, letting him get away wasn't one of them. When we're together it feels like everything is going to be okay. When we're not together it feels like part of me is no longer present, and that part of me has the audacity to go about it's business as usual. I understand the term 'better half' now. Sometimes I look at him and am convinced that Heavenly Father created him for no other purpose than to help me realize my full potential. He's just a natural at making me a better person.
Nevertheless, I feel like you cant write a post about marriage without admitting that there have been cursings and smashings and crashings and even a mention of the D word once. I guess those things are to be expected when two strong-willed people join paths. Although, sometimes the reason why I'm mad at him is because he makes it so hard TO be mad at him. For example...last night we were fighting and he said "When I said blank, what I really meant was blank. Can't you be patient with me while I try to learn how to communicate with you?" Dang. That's hard to respond to when you're not done being mad. (For the record, my mature response was "Sshh! We are fighting right now.")

 All of a sudden we make up and I don't even remember how, but he is my whole world again.
Today happens to be  April 12th.
Six months ago today I was:
Waking up before my alarm went off.
Marveling at a beautiful sunrise before getting my hair done.
Rushing to get everything together.
Wishing my mom would stop making me cry.
In awe of the sacred ceremony I had wanted all my life.
Feeling like a princess.
Wondering why taking pictures is so stressful.
Looking at my husband.
Holding my husband's hand.
Thankful that my husband was helping carry my dress.
Eating good food.
Enjoying the time to rewind before our reception.
So happy that our reception didn't get rained on!
Thankful we had somebody decorate for us.
Checking to see how my cake turned out.
Meeting way too many new people.
Having my mother in law safety pin my torn dress.
Dancing with my daddy.
Dancing with my husband.
Glad that people were having a good time.
Eating one single bite of wedding cake.
Laughing at my Maid of Honor's sneaky ways.
Driving away with just the two of us.
Being carried over the threshold.
Saying a prayer.
Wondering why your first time has to suck.
Having a hard time falling asleep because I was so happy.
Looking over and wondering how HE could be sleeping right now.
Waking him up at 3 AM.
Telling him I was hungry.
Eating at Denny's.
Cuddling on the couch watching our first movie as newlyweds.
Passing gas in front of him for the first time.
Finally falling asleep.
Happy six months of marriage to the man who doesn't believe in six month-iversaries!
haha :)


Stephanie + Walter said...

awww this was super cute!!! xo

Kimberly Bonham said...

Beautiful photos!!

Joanna said...

Happy 6 Months! In a world with marriages that last only days and weeks ::ahem:: Kim Kardashian, 6 months is definitely something to celebrate. I like that you talked about the struggles of marriage because all wives know...it ain't easy! Praying for many more months and years of love for you both!

Francis said...

Lol. Love this post. Happy 6 month anniversary. I have been married for several years now, but we did everything young. You want to talk about getting comments, I had my first baby at 20..and it certainly didn't help that I looked like I was 16. Marriage is incredible. I'm still madly in love with my husband and I'm so lucky to have found him.

Steve Finnell said...

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Thien Do said...

How sweet :) thanks for sharing this with us. Congratulations!

Rachel said...

Congratulations! I loved seeing your wedding pictures and hearing some of your memories about your special day. Denny's for the win!

josie renee said...

I wish people would leave there negative commentary to themselves -- if you are happy and in love, who is to stop you guys?! You look radiant in the pictures. Happy six months!

emi said...

cute!! i'm all about celebrating the small things! XO

Sally said...

I got married at 22 and have to joke I was a child bride to avoid the comments, etc. I can relate! Your wedding was gooorrgeous!!

Brandi @ Brandi Dreams said...

Beautiful! There's nothing wrong with marrying young and frankly it's no ones business to tell you otherwise, especially co-workers. I mean, really. CONGRATS and Happy 6 months!!!

Lindsay said...

I think 21 is a great age to get married if you're ready and you know you found the one. Unfortunately, I do have friends who had snap marriages at 18 and are now divorced -- but they weren't ready for the HUGE commitment marriage requires. If you're ready at 21 -- or at 18 -- then who cares? Happy six months to you! :)

Chelsea said...

THis is so sweet and you look gorgeous! I got married at 21 too but I was ready. I think that it all depends on the person. And I agree with your comment about not letting him go. Believe me! I have a lot of older single friends that regret letting great guys go!

Johanna said...

Such pretty wedding pics - I love the colors you chose.

Don't worry about what others think...that's the stuff that will bog you down. Now you guys are a team!

nate and amy crandell said...

What a Beautiful Post!! Seriously your wedding pictures are gorgeous! And let the haters be haters. Your doing whats right and starting an eternal family good job girl :)

Susannah said...

I know exactly what you mean. I got married at 22 and so many people say it's dumb to get married that young. I wouldn't change it for the world, though. :-)

Brittany said...

Love this post. It made me smile and laugh.

I love your wedding colors and also those people who say those things are just upset you didn't do it their way

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