25 April 2013

Throwback Thursday: Baby Brothers

Right now, my baby brothers are 12 and 13. Overnight they went from being worried about tractors, trampolines, and Santa Claus to being worried about girls, cologne, and middle school drama. In my head they will always be 5 and 6, and its funny...when I go through old pictures of them I'm shocked to remember just how dang cute they were! At the time I was the big sister that had to put up with their antics, and I guess I never took the time to notice...
First thing's first: solo mama and Laynah
Hey look, my mom and I were babies together! Haha
Growing up: Still sibling-less!
I remember I got so sad in 3rd grade once because the teacher called me an only child.
Then, after a couple bad news boyfriends...mama found the one!
We both fell in love with him right away.
After what seemed like an eternity later, I finally got a little brother.
And then after what seemed like a split second later, I got a second one!
When I wasn't too busy being annoyed by them, I think I really loved having them around.
Jacob at the age shown below was quite literally the sweetest boy that ever lived.
But Joshua...oh man he would go from zero to tantrum in no time flat.
Basically, he was (and still pretty much is) a little mini version of me.
He's always looked up to me in a way I've never really understood until recently.
Oh...and I guess we didn't believe in pants.
I once convinced them both that I was magic, and then let them believe it for years.
Somewhere along the line, Jacob (left) turned into the family clown with an attitude
and Joshua (right) remained the independent spitfire.
I'm really excited (and sometimes nervous! Dear High school: take it easy on my boys!) to see who they'll turn into next. I have a good feeling that, although they don't think I'm magic anymore, we will still be friends for a long long time to come. 


Sally said...

A couple of adorable baby bros right there!! Love the one with the water hose, ha!! Wedding pic is perfect, so sweet.

Thien Do said...

I've seriously been loving your posts! :)

Joanna said...

My Husband had the same experience of being the old child for about 10 years. He hated being so lonely but when his siblings came, he was happy as can be.

Fealyclan said...

Well thanks for making me cry! I LOVE that picture of you and Jacob with the hose. If you look real close you can see his utter delight in getting to spray you. I also love that Sea World picture. The three of you look so perfect. I love you. Thank you for this. xoxoxo

Brittany said...

So cute!

Marie said...

Love the bath tub photos!!! So cute :)

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