18 April 2013

Throwback Thursday: Favorite Dresses Edition

Sometimes I talk to my patients about their lives when they were my age, and many of them say that they wore a dress or a skirt every single day. These days, skirts have been replaced with skinny jeans and dresses are saved for special occasions. For this week's Throwback Thursday, let's re-live some of my princess moments with a couple of my favorite dresses.
1. A few years ago I found one of my mom's bridesmaid dresses when I was going through her closet. I liked the soft pink and flowy fabric so much, I tried it on and initiated a vintage desert photo shoot. It just felt like the right thing to do.
2. My senior year prom dress! Buying a prom dress is probably the WORST form of evil for a Mormon girl in high school. I couldn't be picky because I knew I'd be lucky if I ever found a dress with sleeves, let alone one in the color I wanted. My mom and I shopped for about 10 hours and drove all over the place trying to find a modest dress...I remember she wanted to find one as badly as I did! We were both in tears when it looked like we'd be going home empty handed, but then we found this one at the very last store possible. I loved it!
Please pretend my face isn't cray in this picture.
I just like that it shows off the detail of my dress.
While we're on the subject of prom and Throwback Thursday, how about this picture...would it blow your mind if I told you that this was EVERY SINGLE girl in my graduating class? Yeah, I guess you could say I went to a small high school. There was a grand total of 32 people in the class of 2009.
PROOF. The last row on the right is cut off, but you get the picture. You'll have to forgive me, I'm actually stealing these pictures from my friends' facebook albums right now haha.
Now on to the last dress!
3. Would it be of any surprise to anybody if I said the last dress that made me feel like a princess was my wedding dress? Except this time I had a real life castle and a real life prince to go with it! So epic.

I think the lighting in this cake picture makes the details pop out a little.
 I wish I had told my photographer that I wanted a picture of my favorite detail of my dress: the piping/sequins on the left hip.
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Thien Do said...

I had fun reading this!...I've had fun reading your other posts too. Haha. I love your humor and sarcasm. Anyways, fun pictures!

Misty said...

That one girl in the front of the prom pic looks so pissed. Ha!

Great photos. Thanks for linking up. :)

Adrienne @ BlackWhiteColor said...

Love the pics!! You look gorg in your dress!! Thanks for stopping by to say hello :-)!

Kate said...

prom dress shopping was the literal worst. THE LITERAL WORST. my poor mother was forced to alter both my junior and senior dresses to make them more modest. because there isn't a single sleeved dress to be found in the state of Georgia, apparently. and she really did do an excellent job. and i, too, felt like a total princess in my wedding dress. i LOVED it. i still love it. and i try it on every year on my anniversary (ie-i totally put it on last night and made garrett take pictures. i'm a loser.) but i just feel like my parents paid a pretty penny for it and why the heck wouldn't i wear it as much as possible? you looked beautiful in your dress. and i love the layers and hip area. we sort of had the same style dress. :)

Denise said...

Oh yes prom for Mormons is a nightmare!! Everything is always sleeveless these days!! Your wedding dress just blew my mind! SO gorgeous!

Brittany said...

I really like your prom dress!

karajean said...

Your graduating class! I can't even. Mine was.... almost 700? I think my "prom group" was as big as your class. Now I want to dig up pictures to find out! (I can't put them on the blog though, because... shh! my dress was sleeveless. I know. I know. Such a bad example.)

Fealyclan said...

I had someone stop me Sunday and tel me they thought your wedding dress was the prettiest they've ever sen...and she said, "and I watch Say Yes To The Dress!"

Benlovesting said...

So lovely <3

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