30 May 2013

I love making old things pretty.

Remember the dark days of a fading spring semester when I was looking forward to having free time so much that I swore I would do something productive with it? Well I don't know if this counts as productive or not (since we don't need a side table! lol) but I'm totally refinishing a piece of furniture, just like I said I would.

Funny story about our second bedroom: Matthew laid down all this plywood in there, and we have these big industrial shelves organizing all of his power tools just like a garage. Who needs an office when you can have a project room?!

Also worth mentioning: This sander here is my very first power tool ever. It was a gift from Matthew, who I think is excited by the idea of me having a hobby similar to his. He sits in there with me and walks me through every single step on how to make it beautiful and sturdy. He's making me take the whole thing apart, sand it TWICE, and put it back together with new hardware so it's good as new - not just a wobbly old piece of furniture with new paint.

Ain't nobody got time for hair and makeup when there's sanding to do.

28 May 2013

The Most Epic 5k Ever

I hope you all had a great memorial day weekend! Mine was mostly just me trying to squeeze in fun things around my study time...seriously what kind of class has it's final on the day back from memorial day weekend?? Haha jk. I'll have you know that the fun I was able to squeeze in was pretty epic.

I've been looking forward to May 25 for sooo long now, but of course nothing went as planned once the day got here. Of all days for me to forget to set my alarm it would be the day I need to wake up early to go run through bubbles. I jumped up and got ready in ten minutes before rushing over to pick up my sister, and we were off. Half of our time in the car was spent trying to figure out the GPS, so you can imagine our utter surprise when we actually made it to Irvine in plenty of time to park and everything. Except NOT, because we spent the next hour or so driving around in circles trying to find the university campus. The time for us to be signed up for the race came and went, and 10 minutes after the race had started, we called for help. We told my sweet father in law our cross streets, and he was able to use a map to guide us to exactly where we needed to be. When we got there, the employees at the parking lot thought we were crazy for coming so late, but we said that we understood that we probably wouldn't be allowed to run, but we still wanted the T-Shirts that we paid for...so they didn't make us pay for parking! That was nice. Before we could walk over to the sign-in booths, another employee stopped us and was like "Uhh, bad news, we ran out of t-shirts! But everyone's at the starting line right now, you should probably hurry..." Luck was definitely on our side that day because we got there just as they were counting down from ten, about to release the laaaast wave of runners.

It was one of those moments where you feel like magic exists again. I kind of just stood there with my mouth hanging open for a second, until I remembered that we should probably take a "before" picture. You can never be too flabbergasted to forget that, haha.

Are we really behind the starting line right now? Yes. We are.
Somebody pinch me, I'm about to do a Bubble Run.
T-minus four minutes later...and we're chest deep in pink bubbles! If that doesn't turn a bad day into a good one then I don't know what will! We're not crouching down, by the way...those bubbles were actually that tall.

I ran (the word "ran" here being a very loose term for walked 75% of it) the whole thing with my camera, because I just couldn't resist. I did drop it once in a huge pile of bubbles but it remained unscathed. Without further ado...
 The finish line.

Oh what a wonderful day.
Definitely worth the crazy morning.

25 May 2013

Lucky in Love

Life is being so stupid lately (shame on you, life) but I feel like my Matthew deserves husband of the year award for everything he does. I guess lately  I've been more obsessed with him than usual, because I've been going a little paparazzi. Not to be confused with full blown paparazzi.
In this picture I was just hanging out, and all of the sudden I hear: "Look at me. I'm being a cutie." That man aint never told a lie! Hahaha. Don't mind the dirty hands or sunburnt head...he was out working on one of our cars all day. (Um, I forgot which one it was, because it seems like there's always something wrong with one of our cars! Thank goodness he's him and is good at everything.)

My favorite time with him would definitely be first thing in the morning. I love love love waking up with him, and even if I have a stressful day ahead I'm smiling just to see him. When you're engaged you look forward to marriage thinking that you'll finally be able to be with him 24/7...but unfortunately life gets in the way and I feel like mornings are our only uninterrupted time, because the next time we see each other after that we're both tired as heck from a long day. I guess I got the impulse to preserve my favorite time with him so I pulled out my camera.

Notice how he totally hogs up MY side of the bed. All that empty space behind him? That would be his side. I think it's kinda cute how he is forever inching closer to me in his sleep.

And then, as if he wasn't cute enough, he goes out and buys me a succulent garden! Because "you said you wanted a succulent garden...also because they are hard to kill and therefore a better representation of my love for you...unlike our last love fern...which died." Hahaha. Cute and funny...I'll keep him!

23 May 2013

I have a 40 year old heart in a 20 year old body.

Fact One: You're totally safe from being unhealthy if you avoid drinking and smoking.
Fact Two: Especially if you're 21. Young people are always the healthiest.
Fact Three: Nobody has ever had a heart problem unless they were overweight.

Look at me! I'm the picture of health!

Juuuust kidding.
Up until recently, I kind of believed those three sentences up there...
When I was engaged, all that wedding stress really took a toll on my ticker, and because I am blessed to work in a hospital where I can get my vital signs checked/get medical advice from professionals any time I need it...I was able to find out that I run tachy. Which is a nurse-y way of saying my heart rate is way too high.

 A normal heart rate is 60-90. Here it shows that I was 116. I saw my heart rate get up to 120 this day.
It kind of freaked me out, but not enough to do anything about it, because apparently weddings are more important than hearts.

Fast forward to the other day, and first day since then I have had my vitals taken.
In physiology lab we were testing each others vital signs before and after activity to note how they changed. I knew mine was going to be high because my chest didn't feel good.

Everyone before me had a normal pulse and heart rhythm.
Then they get to me and were like "Um. Yours looks weird. Why does yours look weird? Your pulse is 127. Maybe if you relaxed it would be normal." Okay great. 127. Wonderful.

THEN I had to do physical activity, and one of the boys in our lab group made it his personal mission to get my heart rate as high as possible. It worked. When I sat down again my whole body was being rocked by what felt like the slamming of my heart against my ribcage. At that moment you could look at my chest and see my heart pounding through my shirt. My pulse was 250. (Normal pulse for during activity, by the way, is about 220 minus your age, or your regular heart rate doubled.)

Soon after, my heart rate relaxed back down (ha! to like 120) but I was still scared, and I decided to get my heart checked with professional equipment the next day. By the grace of God the friendliest and most knowledgeable monitor tech was on duty that day. She is the heart whisperer. When I told her all about my problem,  she got me a telemetry box to hook up to my own chest (which was a weird experience...also, I'll never inwardly roll my eyes when my patients tell me that those things are uncomfortable ever again) and she assessed my heart rhythm.

At rest, I was 81 and I was super happy with this number. She wasn't so impressed.
Then she had me walk around, and the minute I stood up I was at 118. Not cool.

her: "you don't smoke?"
me: "no."
her: "you don't drink?"
me: "no."
her: "how old are you??"
me: "21."
her: "do you drink coffee?"
me: "no."
her: "let me ask you this, do you have an anxiety problem?"
me: "yeah.."

I also confessed to her that I eat wayyyy too much fast food (cough! like every other night...)
And I don't think I need to exercise because I walk so much at work.
And I don't even take a multivitamin.
She told me that my heart was weak, and she had the same problem. When she was 20 years old she had a heart attack. A heart attack. At twenty. years. old. She warned me not to let it get to that point.

So here's the plan!
I put myself on the most recommended cardiac diet there is.
It has menu plans but also tips on how to just wing it from day to day.
Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension.

I was so so so so so so so upset that I couldn't have greasy food anymore (it's my favorite) or Pepsi (my biggest weakness) but after reading the menu plans I don't think it will be so bad
It's all stuff I like. Even Matthew says it sounds good.
Normal food. Normal quantities.
Just lower fat, lower sodium, tons of fiber, and no caffeine.

ALSO, I have to start working out like cardio is my second job.
Obviously, I can't over-do it though...that part will be tricky.

Soooo just a warning, I'm probably going to start a heart series where I track my vital signs from week to week and keep track of food I'm eating/exercises I'm doing. That is all.

19 May 2013

I just want to make things.

By things, I mean anything other than 10 page papers on Rat Endocrinology that should be easy for me but just ISN'T for some reason. Or beds. I don't want to make any beds.

I kind of just want to makeover furniture. Remember that one time I gave that little table a makeover? Well I kind of want to do that again and again.

I also want to make pretty pretty pictures, like bad.

And lastly, I want to make food. I'm even kind of good at it sometimes.
It's not my fault that Heavenly Father gave me a brain that struggles to understand concepts like time and money and numbers. I got a brain that likes to make things and sing and imagine.
I'm over doing things that my brain wasn't made for.

Anyways, I don't know if you could sense my passive aggressive frustration aimed at my impossibly hard class this semester, but I promise it's there. Don't think that's all I've got to say though...three more things.
1. I backed a vehicle into a parking space for the first time yesterday. It happened to be my husband's truck. Which happened to be in neutral and being pushed by my husband and another man. Also, I um...didn't check my mirrors at all. I just kind of sat there and panicked but somehow managed to get it in perfectly? Haha.
2. My bubble run is this Saturday! Unfortunately I can't be excited about it yet because there is lots of class time in between then and now.
3. I want a cat! Isn't there some breed out there that is hypoallergenic? I'm getting sick of killing fish after fish and plant after plant. Something easier to keep alive/better for cuddling would be nice.

13 May 2013

Nutella Cupcakes For Mother's Day

(Yes...a picture this big was necessary)
A couple of weeks ago I found an epic recipe, bought all the ingredients, and waited patiently for the perfect time to make it. As it turned out, Mother's Day was the perfect time I had been waiting for. I found the recipe via this pin, but for some reason my computer isn't taking me to the correct link anymore so I'll explain how I made them here.
1. Make devils food cupcakes. From the box, because we're semi-homemade like that.
2. Remove the core of the cupcakes while they cool so you can fill them with nutella.
3. For the frosting: Cream together 2 sticks of butter and one 13 oz jar of nutella...
                               Add about 1lb of powdered sugar until you get a consistency you like...
                               Add in a couple of teaspoons of half and half to make it a little creamy...
                               And finally, one teaspoon of vanilla.
                               (Bessssst frosting I've ever tasted)
4. Inject nutella into the cooled cupcakes.
5. Frost those puppies.
6. Maybe garnish with edible pearls, or a Ferrero Rocher if you're feeling super fancy that day.
Matthew told me that you couldn't get better cupcakes than these if you tried to buy some. 
Hearing him say that felt like a small victory because he's a very picky (and honest!) eater.
Anyways, my mommy was working on mothers day (and my mommy in law was in Philadelphia) so I had to package them up all cute and drop them off for her at the hospital before running to church.
All I can say, is we are very attached to our mommies over here at casa de la Crawley. I admit that since moving away from home I appreciate every little thing my mom has done for me that I took for granted all my life. As for Matthew, he definitely would not be the person he is today without his angel of a mother. I try not to say this as often as I think it, but I can not WAIT to meet my own babies one day, and honestly, I think I'll be a dang good mom with these two as my example.

11 May 2013

How to be the worst manicurist in California

Step one: When you get a young, doe-eyed sixteen year old girl in your chair...start off by discussing sex. and lingerie. and your boyfriend's preferences.
Step two: Tell her that her nails are going to be weak and brittle after having the acrylics removed, so you are going to cut them down short to reduce breakage...and then spend the rest of the session telling her how stubby and short and ugly her nails are...as loudly and obnoxiously as you can.
Step three: Once you're ready to paint, ask her if that is HONESTLY the color she wants. Before she can reply, wrinkle your nose at it and say "Let's go pick a different one."
Step four: At the color station, ignore the fact that she is looking at the pinks. You've had enough customers to know what she wants. Pick an orange with a glitter top coat, and head back to the chair.

Step five: When she asks you to please be careful not to clip her cuticles and make her bleed (like you did last time) launch into a story about a silly little customer who was scared of blood a few months ago...until a coworker tells you to stop because that was actually the same customer that you have right now. Say things about how weird she is for being afraid of blood to cover up the mistake.
Step six: Continue to go on about how stubby her nails are. Repeatedly tell her that her original color sucked in as many ways as you can think of. Tell her you always know better than the customers, tell her it was an old grandma color, and tell her it would have looked heinous with her short stubby nails.
Step seven: Be so distracted talking that you do a really sloppy job, leaving the customer no choice but to remove it the very next day.
PS - Yes, this happened to my sister in real life. Yes, it was dumb on our part to let it go on. Yes, we were so baffled we didn't know how to react at the time.
PSS - The lady that did MY nails was fine! They look like this:
PSSS - I know the obvious decision is to never go to that salon again again, but I have decided that instead, I will continue going there and making it very clear that the one particular awful one will not be doing my nails, because I want her to know how awful I think she is. 

08 May 2013

Happy Nurses Week!


And now a little segment I like to call...
actual crap patients have told me:

patient: "WHY are you cleaning me up?!"
me: "Well, because you pooped. All over your bed."
patient: "...and what does that matter?"

"Hello? Nurse? I've got a problem. These heads keep floating off my bedside table, up to the ceiling, and laughing at me."

"I need you to rub my upper thighs...but it's NOTHING SEXUAL, so DON'T even think of that."
(This is the same patient that hit me the other day. Pleasant man.)

"You forgot to scrub in between my toes."

"Giving birth for me was a truly beautiful and painful experience. Much like how I felt when I watched my father shoot himself in the head."

patient: "Little girl, you are standing in the way of my rights by not letting me worship!"
me: "Sir, your IV pole is not a shrine. You are in the hospital."
patient: rolls his eyes "Prove it."

me: "What a pretty sunset out there..."
patient: "Yes...given to us BY NATURE AND NOT BY SOME GOD."
me: "alright."

And lastly, when I was engaged, and hadn't even told this patient I was engaged:
"Ohh mija you will make the most BEAUTIFUL BRIDE! I am so excited for you and your future husband."

Now just try to not be TOO  jealous of my job...

06 May 2013

Sometimes life out-weirds itself

You know that girl in high school you didn't really like? And she didn't really like you...and you both knew it even though you tried to be civil to one another? Well, imagine that awkward moment when you realize that girl is your BEST FRIEND. Seriously, that happened to me. One year we ended up on the track team together and found out we had so much in common...in fact, we found that we pretty much have the same brain in two separate bodies. All of the sudden we didn't have to try to be civil anymore, and the next thing I know, we're both crying on my driveway talking about how much we'll miss each other when she goes off to college.

Welp, she's a senior now and we're still going strong!
Happy Birthday to my very best friend, Casie Lynn.


lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove her.

04 May 2013

Project Prom 2013

You guys, yesterday was epic.
Let me start off by telling you a little bit about my sister (you know, because I acquired one in October). She is sweet and smart and literally could not be any prettier. I plan on making her my best friend forever. Anyway, she is everything I could ever want in a baby sister, and I am over the moon in love with the fact that I can legitimately call somebody my sister. 

Luckily for me, we became sisters just in time for me to go all paparazzi on her first prom!
Luckily for you (ha), I can't not overshare. Enjoy.

Prom prep phase 1: Hair

Prom prep phase 2: Makeup!

There was a slight distraction during the makeup sesh...
because Yoshi the Tortoise came out to eat! Isn't he cute?

Accessory love.

Two hours later...Mission accomplished.



Did I tell you she was pretty or what?
Last minute instructions for her date...
And they're off!
Did I mention they're headed to a Harbor Cruise at the Aquarium of the Pacific?
Seriously. Kid's and their magical proms these days...

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