11 May 2013

How to be the worst manicurist in California

Step one: When you get a young, doe-eyed sixteen year old girl in your chair...start off by discussing sex. and lingerie. and your boyfriend's preferences.
Step two: Tell her that her nails are going to be weak and brittle after having the acrylics removed, so you are going to cut them down short to reduce breakage...and then spend the rest of the session telling her how stubby and short and ugly her nails are...as loudly and obnoxiously as you can.
Step three: Once you're ready to paint, ask her if that is HONESTLY the color she wants. Before she can reply, wrinkle your nose at it and say "Let's go pick a different one."
Step four: At the color station, ignore the fact that she is looking at the pinks. You've had enough customers to know what she wants. Pick an orange with a glitter top coat, and head back to the chair.

Step five: When she asks you to please be careful not to clip her cuticles and make her bleed (like you did last time) launch into a story about a silly little customer who was scared of blood a few months ago...until a coworker tells you to stop because that was actually the same customer that you have right now. Say things about how weird she is for being afraid of blood to cover up the mistake.
Step six: Continue to go on about how stubby her nails are. Repeatedly tell her that her original color sucked in as many ways as you can think of. Tell her you always know better than the customers, tell her it was an old grandma color, and tell her it would have looked heinous with her short stubby nails.
Step seven: Be so distracted talking that you do a really sloppy job, leaving the customer no choice but to remove it the very next day.
PS - Yes, this happened to my sister in real life. Yes, it was dumb on our part to let it go on. Yes, we were so baffled we didn't know how to react at the time.
PSS - The lady that did MY nails was fine! They look like this:
PSSS - I know the obvious decision is to never go to that salon again again, but I have decided that instead, I will continue going there and making it very clear that the one particular awful one will not be doing my nails, because I want her to know how awful I think she is. 


Rachel @ MyWholesomeHome said...

While sucky to have happened to you (via your sister)...I find it hilarious and awesome that you will be pointedly going back and refusing to go to her.

karajean said...

Yikes! That IS terrible! Poor thing. I hope you didn't tip her (although if it would have been me I would have tipped her anyway b/c I'm afraid of confrontation/being rude)!

Sally said...

WOW!!! That's awful. I am terrible at confrontation too. I like how you plan to handle this awful one in future visits!!

Purposely at Home said...

WHAT?? this is awful. i hope you get better customer service next visit. LOVE the colors! :)


Desiree Macke said...

Please, do tell which salon this is, so I NEVER go there. Or, at least never have THAT lady do my nails!

Brooke said...

Oy. Your poor sister. Step 1 sounds like torture, especially for a 16 year old. Yikes! But your nails look cute - and that orange is cute, I think. Bummer that she didn't get what she wanted, though!

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