19 May 2013

I just want to make things.

By things, I mean anything other than 10 page papers on Rat Endocrinology that should be easy for me but just ISN'T for some reason. Or beds. I don't want to make any beds.

I kind of just want to makeover furniture. Remember that one time I gave that little table a makeover? Well I kind of want to do that again and again.

I also want to make pretty pretty pictures, like bad.

And lastly, I want to make food. I'm even kind of good at it sometimes.
It's not my fault that Heavenly Father gave me a brain that struggles to understand concepts like time and money and numbers. I got a brain that likes to make things and sing and imagine.
I'm over doing things that my brain wasn't made for.

Anyways, I don't know if you could sense my passive aggressive frustration aimed at my impossibly hard class this semester, but I promise it's there. Don't think that's all I've got to say though...three more things.
1. I backed a vehicle into a parking space for the first time yesterday. It happened to be my husband's truck. Which happened to be in neutral and being pushed by my husband and another man. Also, I um...didn't check my mirrors at all. I just kind of sat there and panicked but somehow managed to get it in perfectly? Haha.
2. My bubble run is this Saturday! Unfortunately I can't be excited about it yet because there is lots of class time in between then and now.
3. I want a cat! Isn't there some breed out there that is hypoallergenic? I'm getting sick of killing fish after fish and plant after plant. Something easier to keep alive/better for cuddling would be nice.


Hearts & Crafts Boutique said...

I've been itching to do a furniture makeover, too. I have this old treasure chest thing that is in need of a paint job, so I think that will be an upcoming project.

Have a great week!


Lindsay said...

So....I am REALLY bad at backing up, and I don't think I've ever backed into a parking space successfully, as embarrassing as that is. Way to go backing the truck up! You should be proud. :)

Rachel Lynn said...

I don't know about cats, but I know there are some hypoallergenic dogs....just a thought!

My Wholesome Home

Jenessa Kramer said...

Laynah! I just spent like the last hour reading through your blog and it is the cutest! I really think we should hang out! And! I have like 6 pieces of furniture I need redone if you want to help ha!:)

Brittany said...

I was recently thinking about how I want to find an old piece of furniture and make it over but I have never done and have no idea how to begin

The Nelson Happenings said...

Ohhhh that Chocolate Cheese Cake looks yummy :)

Kenzie Smith said...

I need to do a total home makeover. I'm so tired of my boring house ha ha!
I absolutely love your blog (if you haven't noticed how many posts I have commented on today HAHA).
New follower ♥

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