30 May 2013

I love making old things pretty.

Remember the dark days of a fading spring semester when I was looking forward to having free time so much that I swore I would do something productive with it? Well I don't know if this counts as productive or not (since we don't need a side table! lol) but I'm totally refinishing a piece of furniture, just like I said I would.

Funny story about our second bedroom: Matthew laid down all this plywood in there, and we have these big industrial shelves organizing all of his power tools just like a garage. Who needs an office when you can have a project room?!

Also worth mentioning: This sander here is my very first power tool ever. It was a gift from Matthew, who I think is excited by the idea of me having a hobby similar to his. He sits in there with me and walks me through every single step on how to make it beautiful and sturdy. He's making me take the whole thing apart, sand it TWICE, and put it back together with new hardware so it's good as new - not just a wobbly old piece of furniture with new paint.

Ain't nobody got time for hair and makeup when there's sanding to do.


Joanna said...

FUN! I always think sanding looks fun when I watch the DIY network. That and the nail gun. haha

Kendra Klingler said...

I love making old things into new!! That's why I always go to yard sales every week. Now for that sander--dewalt is the way to go!! My husband LOVES it!! :)

karajean said...

So fun that he's helping you figure it out! Scott's hobby is softball and I know he would LOVE IT if I picked up something similar.

Suzzie V said...

I would be so excited to have a project room. Especially one that could get messy and that I could drop things in. It would be awesome!

Kenzie Smith said...

Can't wait to see what the finished product looks like! That's awesome you are doing the whole thing yourself :D

Ashley R said...

Oooh, exciting. I am excited for te after. :)

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