25 May 2013

Lucky in Love

Life is being so stupid lately (shame on you, life) but I feel like my Matthew deserves husband of the year award for everything he does. I guess lately  I've been more obsessed with him than usual, because I've been going a little paparazzi. Not to be confused with full blown paparazzi.
In this picture I was just hanging out, and all of the sudden I hear: "Look at me. I'm being a cutie." That man aint never told a lie! Hahaha. Don't mind the dirty hands or sunburnt head...he was out working on one of our cars all day. (Um, I forgot which one it was, because it seems like there's always something wrong with one of our cars! Thank goodness he's him and is good at everything.)

My favorite time with him would definitely be first thing in the morning. I love love love waking up with him, and even if I have a stressful day ahead I'm smiling just to see him. When you're engaged you look forward to marriage thinking that you'll finally be able to be with him 24/7...but unfortunately life gets in the way and I feel like mornings are our only uninterrupted time, because the next time we see each other after that we're both tired as heck from a long day. I guess I got the impulse to preserve my favorite time with him so I pulled out my camera.

Notice how he totally hogs up MY side of the bed. All that empty space behind him? That would be his side. I think it's kinda cute how he is forever inching closer to me in his sleep.

And then, as if he wasn't cute enough, he goes out and buys me a succulent garden! Because "you said you wanted a succulent garden...also because they are hard to kill and therefore a better representation of my love for you...unlike our last love fern...which died." Hahaha. Cute and funny...I'll keep him!


Sally said...

I totally have a bed hog too!! But the good things outweigh the bad here too ;)) I guess I can deal with being squished sometimes.

Kenzie Smith said...

I'm the bed hog in my relationship ha ha! I love the succulent garden, too funny what he said :D

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