06 May 2013

Sometimes life out-weirds itself

You know that girl in high school you didn't really like? And she didn't really like you...and you both knew it even though you tried to be civil to one another? Well, imagine that awkward moment when you realize that girl is your BEST FRIEND. Seriously, that happened to me. One year we ended up on the track team together and found out we had so much in common...in fact, we found that we pretty much have the same brain in two separate bodies. All of the sudden we didn't have to try to be civil anymore, and the next thing I know, we're both crying on my driveway talking about how much we'll miss each other when she goes off to college.

Welp, she's a senior now and we're still going strong!
Happy Birthday to my very best friend, Casie Lynn.


lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove her.


Gayle said...

I love those moments! One of my best friends throughout high school was a girl I absolutely couldn't stand in ninth grade. And so weird -- my very best friend's name is Casey Lynn! lol

The Nelson Happenings said...

Awwe adorable photo of you both :)

naira said...

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Brooke said...

Wow, you even look like you could be sisters! What a sweet 'best friend' story :)

Marie said...

Both of your look like sisters!!! Look so alike. Has anyone told you that before? :D

Rachel @ MyWholesomeHome said...

I married my best friend from highschool, so I get to see him (obviously not a girl!) every day and it's awesome. You're lucky to have a good girly friend.

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