28 May 2013

The Most Epic 5k Ever

I hope you all had a great memorial day weekend! Mine was mostly just me trying to squeeze in fun things around my study time...seriously what kind of class has it's final on the day back from memorial day weekend?? Haha jk. I'll have you know that the fun I was able to squeeze in was pretty epic.

I've been looking forward to May 25 for sooo long now, but of course nothing went as planned once the day got here. Of all days for me to forget to set my alarm it would be the day I need to wake up early to go run through bubbles. I jumped up and got ready in ten minutes before rushing over to pick up my sister, and we were off. Half of our time in the car was spent trying to figure out the GPS, so you can imagine our utter surprise when we actually made it to Irvine in plenty of time to park and everything. Except NOT, because we spent the next hour or so driving around in circles trying to find the university campus. The time for us to be signed up for the race came and went, and 10 minutes after the race had started, we called for help. We told my sweet father in law our cross streets, and he was able to use a map to guide us to exactly where we needed to be. When we got there, the employees at the parking lot thought we were crazy for coming so late, but we said that we understood that we probably wouldn't be allowed to run, but we still wanted the T-Shirts that we paid for...so they didn't make us pay for parking! That was nice. Before we could walk over to the sign-in booths, another employee stopped us and was like "Uhh, bad news, we ran out of t-shirts! But everyone's at the starting line right now, you should probably hurry..." Luck was definitely on our side that day because we got there just as they were counting down from ten, about to release the laaaast wave of runners.

It was one of those moments where you feel like magic exists again. I kind of just stood there with my mouth hanging open for a second, until I remembered that we should probably take a "before" picture. You can never be too flabbergasted to forget that, haha.

Are we really behind the starting line right now? Yes. We are.
Somebody pinch me, I'm about to do a Bubble Run.
T-minus four minutes later...and we're chest deep in pink bubbles! If that doesn't turn a bad day into a good one then I don't know what will! We're not crouching down, by the way...those bubbles were actually that tall.

I ran (the word "ran" here being a very loose term for walked 75% of it) the whole thing with my camera, because I just couldn't resist. I did drop it once in a huge pile of bubbles but it remained unscathed. Without further ado...
 The finish line.

Oh what a wonderful day.
Definitely worth the crazy morning.


Lindsay said...

That looks SO fun! I'd run if I got to play in bubbles!

Denise said...

FUN!!! They have all kinds of runs these days!

Hearts & Crafts Boutique said...

This looks awesome! I wish my town did something this cool.

Brittany said...

That looks like so much fun!!

Kenzie Smith said...

That looks like one of the most fun runs I have ever seen! That's awesome you got to do it!!

Ashley R said...

This looks like such a blast!!

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