07 June 2013

Color Psychology


For reasons unknown, one of my English teachers in high school had a "color expert" come to our class one random day to talk to us about the psychology of color. It was the single most fascinating lecture I have ever heard. Before that, I recognized that different colors made me feel certain ways, but had no clue why that was. Growing up, I was definitely that  one kid that changed her favorite color every single day of the week, and that is something I'll probably never grow out of. Thinking about all the different color options for my cute little side table has had me thinking about that color lecture I once heard in high school, and I am such a visual person that I wanted to throw it on the blog.
>> yellow <<
Let's start with yellow - the color of my personality! Super popular color right now, I think because people are drawn to the positivity. Different shades can convey different levels of excitement and what have you (as with any color, I suppose). Yellow is a cheerful color that can boost energy and has even been said to increase metabolism. This is the first color that the developing eye can pick up (aka it is the first color babies can see). It is playful and positive, but can also be used as a color of caution or cowardice. You'll notice McDonalds, Ikea, and Best Buy all have a yellow logo.
>> red <<
Red is powerful, intense, and sexy. It can stimulate either passion or anger, and is the official color representing love. It's interesting that it can go from one end of the spectrum to the other in the blink of an eye. One moment it represents love, drive, energy...the next it is aggressive, angry and a symbol of danger. Too much can be overpowering, but these strong characteristics make it a perfect accent color or "pop" of color. Target, Coca-Cola, and Pinterest all have red logos.
>> blue <<

Blue is soothing, serene, and calm. It can represent success, security, and loyalty OR it can represent sadness or boredom. It's a great color for an office and a bad color for a dining room, as studies have shown that it can increase productivity, as well as lower your appetite and blood pressure. I think this is the most liked color - there are so many shades that nearly everyone can find a blue they like, although men show the highest preference for it. Blue Shield, Facebook, and Oral-B all have blue logos. It is actually the most common color for a non-food logo.
>> orange <<

First of all, isn't that chair fabulous? It's still in stock if you have $1900 burning a hole in your pocket. So orange is one of my favorites, and I definitely want an orange kitchen one day. Orange is a combination of red and yellow, and is an attention grabbing color without some of the harshness of red. It conveys energy, enthusiasm, warmth, and creativity, but can also be used as a cautionary color. Fanta, Hooters, and Nickelodeon all use orange logos.
>> green <<
Green is life. It can represent tranquility, vitality, renewal, health, knowledge, and success...as well as poison, inexperience, or envy. We're all familiar with the eco-friendly "going green" movement, which is what I think we identify green with most. For some, green is a lifestyle. For others, it's merely a fashion statement (because, if you don't know already, emerald is 2013's color of the year). Companies that have "gone green" in their logo include Animal Planet, John Deere, and Monster energy drinks.
>> purple <<

Purple is my favorite shade of eye shadow. Light purple is feminine and girly, while dark purple is royal and mysterious. This color can have both warm and cool properties, depending on the varying shades of red or blue that make it. It doesn't often occur in nature, which is possibly why it can come across as exotic or mysterious or even artificial. Hallmark, Yahoo, and Cadburry all have purple logos.
>> pink <<

I almost didn't do this one because I think it's pretty self explanatory. Pink is the ultimate girl color. Most shades are highly feminine and come off as compassionate, delicate, and romantic. Although I'm obsessed with all things Disney and Princess, this color isn't really my favorite so I don't have much to say here. Barbie and T Mobile both have pink logos.
>> white <<
White is bright and crisp. It represents purity, peace, and innocence but can also come across as sterile or boring. Even though it's a neutral, I think it can pop on an outfit or in a room if used in the right way. I'm a big fan of crisp white denim and glossy white furniture.
>> black <<

This color (or lack thereof, whatever) often symbolizes evil or dark forces, but is also highly sophisticated. It is the color of mourning in many cultures but is otherwise classy and elegant if you're asking me. A word of caution though, I hear that once you go black it is highly likely that you will never go back.

>> brown <<
Being the color of Nutella, I think this color deserves a little more respect. The color itself can symbolize strength, reliability, and comfort. Cream and taupe are much lighter versions which both make wonderful neutrals, and go well with just about anything. Darker brown looks great on your fingernails during the Fall, or on your handbag year round.
>> grey <<

Last but not least...I'm pretty sure I speak for everyone when I say this is my favorite neutral. It. looks. great. on. everything. It also goes perfect with every other color ever. It can convey respect, stability, authority and practicality. On the flip side, it can come across as boring or moody. 
Interesting stuff, right?!
I will forever be amazed at the beauty and the messages that can be sent by something so simple.
Hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing.
Till next time.


karajean said...

My favorites are green and orange and I enjoyed reading about them! Although I prefer to associate green with "life" than the eco-friendly movement, for some reason. Not that I have anything against the Earth.

Also - pet peeve alert: it seriously bugs when people try to tell me black and white aren't colors because they are all colors/lack of color or some such nonsense.

Kenzie Smith said...

I am a huge fan of bright yellows, I would love to be able to incorporate more of it into my home! I am also a sucker for pink and bright light blues.

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

Sounds like if blue can lowers your appetite, then maybe I do want it all over my house!!! haha!

Marlen said...

what a cool post- i never really thought of the emotions colors pull out of you. i'm definitely the type who can't choose a favorite color too, but i know that i'd be too angsty with red in the room. i guess i'm a bull in that sense, haha. i always like red and blue, probably for those reasons you listed :)

xo marlen
Messages on a Napkin

Fash Boulevard said...

i'm pretty much obsessed with this post. So much eye candy. Fabulous finds, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest. xo


Allena said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! This was very interesting!! I never thought about the company logos in association with what the colors mean. I have to ask...so your last name is Crawley? And your husband is Matthew? My absolute obsession is Downton Abbey...I'm sure he's been told 100 times recently the main guy is Matthew Crawley. Too funny! Hope to *see* you again!!

Brooke said...

I never realized how much I love white until recently when I was picking out furniture, cabinet colors, paint colors, etc. I just love the cleanness and brightness of white. Blue, too.

Very interesting post :) I WISH I liked green more, because I love what it represents. And I do love the outdoors, but for my house/clothes, not so much.

Stephanie said...

I went to college for Interior Design (initially) and I got to take a semester of Color Theory, and it was one of the coolest classes ever! I LOVED IT!

I hope life is treating you well, and I'm hoping I'll be able to catch up with everyone's blogs this summer when life slows down a little! I feel like I haven't read a blog in ages! I miss reading about everyone's lives! : )

Easton wife said...

Loved this post and grey is my fab neutral as well even used in my wedding!

seetastelove said...

I change my favorite color all the time too. Purple, yellow, and blue are always up there though. It is true that I wear certain colors when I feel a certain way or to help change my mood.

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