26 June 2013

Favorite Married Moments

Today is the last day of the "From one year to beyond" link up, and the topic is first anniversaries. Mattie and I are still a few months away from ours, buuut I decided to back-track to the first week (which I missed) about happy moments during your first year.
It's no surprise that I'm going to start with our wedding day.
It was so beautiful, and went so smoothly, I couldn't have asked for more.
The first time we were alone together as a married couple was a pretty epic moment.
No more noise, no more entertaining, just us...the way it will be form now until forever.
Another favorite day of our marriage was when my car broke down, and when I called Matt about it he said "Ugh. Leave the car there, we're going to go buy a new one right now!"
First ride in our new car.
I LOVED dressing up with him in matching costumes for the first time.

But honestly, I know this is about to make me sound lame, but my favorite thing to do with him is nothing! We work a lot and when we manage to get a day off together its the best feeling to have a lazy day watching movies, eating food, and cuddling...and putting him to sleep with my back massage. Hahaha


Kalyn Randolph said...

Thanks so much for linking up with us! Your post is amazing and your wedding looked gorgeous! I must say, doing nothing is sometimes the very best! And, I also LOVE the picture in your new car! Hilarious! Thanks for sharing!


Susannah said...

What great moments!!! What a blessing to be married to someone we can happily live life with! :-)

Angie Mae Scullion said...

This is such a sweet and loving post! It made me think back to my own wedding day and some of the little things I love about my husband :) thanks!

Candace said...

I adore this post! I completely agree with you on the doing nothing. We work constantly and our days never seem to line up. We have "bed day" whenever we can. And sometimes we even build forts to accompany bed day because apparently, we're still twelve years old. :)

Veronica Lee Burns said...

Loved the little wrap up post here.

Isn't it almost weird that first moment? You run out of the wedding, get in the car and all of a sudden, silence. It's a sweet but strange moment. Love it!

Suzanne S. said...

Those are such beautiful memories! You look so cute together :)
Suzanne from written by suzanne

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