18 June 2013

I'm having such a good weekend.

Being on a nursing schedule is super weird sometimes (btw I'm a nurse tech, not an RN). Thursday night everyone starts getting excited for their weekend at the same time you're getting ready for your "Monday" ...then you work all weekend and look forward to the real Monday, which is actually your weekend. You with me?
Yesterday, I kicked off my weekend by sleeping in. It was glorious.
Then I planned on doing absolutely nothing ALL DAY LONG, but my mom called and asked if Josh could hang out with me while she took my other brother to an appointment. We ran around the mall and ate and talked, and it basically just felt like hanging out with a younger version of myself for a few hours. What a mind trip. It's so weird to look at someone and see so much of you in them! I tried telling Matthew that he has my hands, and my nose, and my - but Matthew interrupted me and says "No...those are your MOMS hands and nose. Don't be weird." But I'm like "But that's MY personality." Hahaha.

After that, my other brother got out of his appointment and I spent the rest of the day kicking it at my apartment with all three of them. My mom made the mistake of leaving her iPhone with me during the movie, and it was returned to her with a little something to remember me by:

 (Oh yeah, and I was sitting on the table, in case you're wondering)

You guys - I miss having a smart phone. I guess you could say I went through smart phone relapse. When I switched from having a smart phone to a dumb phone (in order to save money on data plans) it was weird at first but then I just forgot what I was missing and moved on.
A few swipes through instagram, and I have now been reminded of my desire for an iPhone with a gaudy blingin' case:

Maybe one day.
Anyways, it was just a great day. I mean, my mom even did my dishes when I went to go pick up some groceries. Oh, and Matthew took me to go get frosty waffle cones after dinner. Those are amazing. Maybe today I'll catch up on that "doing nothing" I promised myself yesterday.



karajean said...

So jealous that you are on your weekend right now! And even though you planned on doing "nothing," that still sounds like a pretty great day!

p.s. I also have a dumb phone and sometimes I hate it. But mostly I'm ok with it, although I've never had a smart phone so I don't actually know what I'm missing.

Brittany said...

Cute pictures of you and your brother :)

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