13 June 2013

"So when are you gonna have kids?"

I get this question a lot. Doesn't every newlywed?
Last Sunday a friend asked me when I was due, and the other day one of my patients started calling me mama because she said I act like one...so it's a pretty common topic of conversation. Also, both of us are the oldest in our families, so grandbabies and great-grandbabies are being looked forward to with much anticipation.

Before I answer though, lets take a walk through my "Maybe Baby" board on Pinterest.

Here we have maternity outfits:
We have gender reveals:
We have mommy DIY projects:
And things to buy:
There are some mommy articles:
Future party ideas:
And even one or two dream nurseries:
So I can see that the evidence is stacked against me here, but the official answer is no. We do not plan on having littles any time soon. The unofficial answer is that we'd really really like a couple one day.
Surprisingly, I can honestly say that I don't even have baby fever right now. My Matthew and I are just now getting comfortable in our marriage, and I go to sleep at night happy that our relationship has come so far. Our love has really matured and we look forward to it continuing to get better all the time! A few months ago, we even had a little pregnancy scare, and I was embarrassed to admit that I felt sad about it...we are doing all that we can to prepare for the perfect environment to raise our little family, and it just wouldn't be perfect if he/she/they came before we were ready for them emotionally and financially.
Just for fun though, here are some FAQ's
1. Will you be having a boy or a girl first?
     Laynah: A girl. Definitely, surely, 100% a girl.
     Matthew: Boy. But I guess I could teach a girl to work on a car too.
2. What are possible names?
     Laynah: All of the Disney princess names are great options.
     Matthew: My wife will make me a list, and I will cross off the ones I can't stand.
3. Who will the baby look like?
     Laynah: I want a mini me! Although I had a dream that my kid looked like hubs.
     Matthew: Me. Even Laynah's subconscious admits it.
4. How many?
Neither of us can think of a good number. We think we'll just know when it happens, like all of the sudden our family will feel complete after #3 or #4 or something.


Brooke said...

Oh my heck, that last picture is so freakin cute. I love babies. OH! I LOVE babies!!

Veronica Lee Burns said...

Great post, well said! We feel the same way :)

and I love his answer to 2!too funny!

Kendra Klingler said...

LOVE IT!! I have had a few pregnancy scares. Still nothing...The other day someone thought I was pregnant as I brought up that I was really hot as we were at play practice. haha I sure hope I'm not pregnant. My husband and I are on the same boat as you two, we are enjoying just the two of us. We have niece and nephews who we love to spend our times with, along with a friend who just had a baby. I can just enjoy theirs for now. Also, Jason and I are planning on going on a cruise this year and Dominican Republic next year.

Kimberly Bonham said...

Babies Babies Babies.....we have been trying for 7 months now :)

Sally said...

YOur FAQs.....too funny!

And that gender reveal lottery card thing.....hadn't seen one like that, I love that! I can just see and feel the suspense in my mind as everyone scratches those suckers off!

Gail said...

hehe good post ...but hey there's plenty of time ...it's important to enjoy the present..just the 2 of u ......have a nice weekend ...Gail x

Meghan said...

I think I need to pin some of these, too! And I love Matthew's answer to the name question - my husband is the same way!

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

Well written! My husband and I feel the same way!

Ashley R said...

We've been married for a year and I get the same question too. I agree that its important to set a good foundation first :)

Shay said...

I love your little questionaire- so funny! I remember getting this question all the time! I think it is SO great to wait a couple years so you have time to travel etc. with the hubby! Gotta tell ya though, we waited 5 and by the time Brody came I couldn't figure out why- life started when he came!

Autumn said...

Such a funny FAQ!

When we moved here, there were 14 babies born in the month of August. We probably get asked weekly. It gets annoying, but I try to just think of it as "everyone is in this club and they want us to be in it too."

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