21 June 2013

The Newlywed Game

I have always wanted to go on The Newlywed Game! I used to watch it as a little kid and loved to imagine how in-synch my future husband and I would be if we were ever on the show. These days, the questions have gotten too risqué for me, but I thought it would be fun to try a blog version...
Goooooood afternoon everybody, and welcome to: THE NEWLYWED GAME! Our first (and only) couple here on the blog today is Matthew and Laynah from southern California. They pretended to be married on their very first date, and now here they are - 8 months into their marriage! (I know...surprisingly, I've never been to game-show-host school...it just comes natural).
Ladies first.
I am going to answer these five questions the way I think Matthew would answer them (he isn't in the room right now). Then, I will hide my answers from him as I ask him the same questions to see how we match up. 5 points for every matched answer.
1. Who caught the bouquet at your wedding?
     Laynah: Emma.
     Matt: I don't know. That's my answer. I'm not going to guess.
2. If you and your husband were to go get a new dog, what dog would he want to get?
     Laynah: Um, he's more of a fish guy. I'll say Rottweiler? Just because I can see him with one.
     Matt: I don't know, but it has to be a sexy dog.
3. What is the strangest gift your spouse has ever bought for you?
     Laynah: The sander?
     Matt: Probably a cactus garden.
4. If you won the instant jackpot lotto for $500, what would your spouse do with it?
     Laynah: I think he would put every penny into savings.
     Matt: Put it in the savings account.
5. Which of the following candies best describes your first kiss?
    (Starburst, Good and Plenty, Hot Tamales, Goobers, Milk Duds, Zero)
     Laynah: Haha goober? He was a little awkward.
     Matt: Starburst. This is perfect because it was kind of fruity anyways from the gelato. She tasted like mango.
FIRST ROUND: 5 whole points
Now it's Matthew's turn to answer the questions!

1. When your wife says, 'Honey, they're playing our song' what song are they playing?
     Matt: Wanted, by Hunter Hayes
     Laynah: Hunter Hayes, Wanted.
2. Complete this sentence: I knew I had found the love of my life when she _______________.
     Matt: When she agreed to be my fake wife. It was like "Oh my Lanta you are my woman."
     Laynah: Wasn't scared for my life every time he drives.
3. A meteor is headed for your house. You have saved your family, pets, and the family photos.
    You have time to save one more item. What will you save?
     Matt: Eff that, I'd never go back for family photos! We'll just take more! I would save nothing.
     Laynah: He would save important documents before pictures.
4. What gift that your spouse gave you came as the biggest surprise?
     Matt: I don't know, I've never really been surprised by anything.
     Laynah: The fish tank!
5. What would your spouse say was the last thing the two of you argued about?
     Matt: Whether or not my wife surprised me with a fish tank. Hahaha
     Laynah: He didn't like what I was wearing when we were going to dinner (I thought we were just going to a drive thru).
TOTAL: 10 out of 100
Well...that was not the result I expected.
Good thing I tried this out on the blog before trying to win a second honeymoon on a game show for our in-depth knowledge of each other, right?! Oh, and by the way, he was TOTALLY surprised by the freaking fish tank I got him. For Christmas I put an envelope under the tree that had a scavenger hunt clue inside. He was then led on a scavenger hunt all around the house until he finally dug his fish tank out from under our blankets in the linen closet. For the record, he cried.


Brittany said...

I always wanted to be on the Newlywed game too!! Fun idea

Veronica Lee Burns said...

karla and I just finished a whole link up called the newlywed game! We did it for 20 weeks. It was so fun!

I like how you added points to it, haha

Brooke said...

I'd love a sander! Haha. Fun post, Laynah!

Alex said...

fun! I love game shows! the newlywed game is super fun! great photos of you two!

Whitney M. said...

This is too fun! Where did you get your questions from? Or did you just make them up?

Ashley R said...

Haha what a fun game! I love this!

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