30 July 2013

Our First Move

Even though our lease wasn't up until August 31, AND we're leaving for vacation TOMOROW...Matthew got the bright idea to move. right. now. Well, three days ago. He told me Saturday night that he would have everything packed and ready to move the next day while I was at work, and sure enough, this was waiting for me when I came home:

Lets just say his broken hand was throbbing that night.

Then on Monday, we moved everything to the new place.

THEN, today we scrambled to get everything out of the boxes so that we can find our things to pack for our trip! Which we're leaving for first thing tomorow. Haha.

Fortunately, I still somehow found the time to prettify these nails I've been growing out.
Nail polish strips are the best thing to ever happen to my finger tips.

It'll be quiet over here for a while.
See you on the flip side my pretties.

25 July 2013

Here's to my future dream kitchen.

Mattie is a contractor's apprentice.
He makes beautiful things.
He makes high quality things.
He even contributes to the conversation when I want to fantasize about our future dream home... going so far as to walk around Lowes discussing carpet, tile, and countertops till my little heart is content.

The other day he finished a kitchen he's been working on for the last two months, and when I saw the pictures I just about died. Check it out.



New ceiling fan in the dining room, framed grid ceiling with crown molding, hand textured ceiling.


Reframed the window and took part of it in to make room for the extra cabinets to the left.
Look at that sink! Ahh love.

Custom mosaic and hood for the stove. 

I am so dang proud of him!
Also, I'll be on Pinterest if anyone needs me...
compiling my checklist for when he builds me my own! Haha :)

23 July 2013

He broke his hand and other random updates

Life lately, in order of importance:
1. Mattie has this really bad habit of getting hurt way too often. The other day we embarked on our 4th visit to urgent care in the whopping 9 months since we've been married (I wont even go into his pre-marriage injuries because we would be here all. day. long). So he was using a plumbing snake when his rubber gloves got caught up in it, and it drug his hand round and round like an alligator death roll. Verdict: broken pinkie + some damaged ligaments.

His brother is currently serving a mission in France, and commented on it in his recent letter. We thought it was hilarious: "wow! this week was really awesome for you all! not matthew though... come on man, don't be rippin your pinkies off... but seriously that really sucks" haha :)

2. I went to Target to buy hangers and ONLY hangers...and left with these. Cookie candle because Mattie only likes scents that he would eat, and lazy girl cookie mix for the cravings that will surely follow.

I mostly took this picture to play around with aperture though. I think it was at like 1 or 2...but its still not as dramatic as I would like. Is that because the background is too close? Speaking of cameras, I had a stroke of brilliance the other day when I was helping an RN photo document a wound on a patient...the photo kept coming out blurry so I took the camera, adjusted the settings and voila! Sharp as a tack. I'm definitely learning :)
3. Probably not even worth mentioning...but I had a box of chocolates recently and they were delicious. These were bought as a gift for me to share with Mattie, but half of them were gone by the time I even got home. Oops.

4. I'm officially a twit! As in...I have a twitter. I made a fb for my blog also, but wasn't feeling that one so I deleted it already. Haha.

5. A couple of months ago I deleted my Pinterest and started from scratch. I already have 515 pins! So obsessed...its like my own personal collection of all things beautiful, yummy, funny, and just generally uplifting.

That last one I pinned from my friend's new blog.
You should probably go check her out because, hello, she painted her kitchenaid!
So awesome.

20 July 2013

Forever21 is like a treasure hunt.

You know that shopping trip where you magically just kept finding things that speak to you, AND those things just happen to be on sale?  Yeah, I had one of those days recently. I was at the mall with my sister and our cousin... little did we know when we woke up that morning the wonders that would unfold before us in Forever 21.
First of all, I found TWO skirts that I loved. That just never happens in the same day. They are comfortable and cute and happen to be white tee approved.
Tribal skirt found at F21. Don't mind my uncomfortable pose. And that weird stain on the ground.

Leopard skirt found at some stupid little store that I have a serious grudge against since its the store that replaced American Eagle in my mall. We took our cousin in there to prove to her how horrible it was, and I walked out with this skirt! Traded in my convictions for the most comfortable skirt I have ever worn, and it was worth it.


 My sister had and even better day. Downright epic. We were just moseying around the clearance section in F21, when my hand brushes across some sequins. I glance up at the article of clothing before me, and struggle to believe my eyes. When my sister and cousin notice why I stopped dead in my tracks we share a moment of celebration before whisking Sara off to the dressing room. We all just knew in the same instant that it had to be Sara's.
But I told her not to tell anybody what it was. For the rest of the day it stayed in her bright yellow F21 bag, which became known as "the bag of secrets," or "the secret bag" until she tried in on at home. Long story short, we found next years prom dress. Floor length black gown covered in sequins, featuring a baby train. It's not online but here's a similar one I found here.
Elleven hundred and fifty dollars? Psh, try $18.50!
Try and tell me she isn't the luckiest teenage girl in the history of prom.

16 July 2013

The date night that resulted in disaster.

Matthew called me during his lunch break last weekend and asked if I would go on a date with him that night. Food = my choice, movie = his choice. I chose Red Lobster (faave) and he chose World War Z. Pretty much a win/win situation, because usually I love zombie  movies!

But I completely underestimated this one. I expected it would be a "thriller" but for some reason, I didn't really think about the possibility that it might scare my pants off. Figuratively speaking.

I tell you what, it'll get your heart pumping!

ESPECIALLY, the next day, when your husband stands outside your shower (we have a glass shower) and does the BEST zombie impersonation you've ever seen! Basically he turned into this guy, right in front of my eyes...

Long story short, I ended up attacking the poor man - throwing punches and everything - and then I cried and cried! Apparently, one day later is still way too fresh to be doing your best zombie impersonation. Also, I might be kind of a basket case. The end. 

13 July 2013

Hey, wanna see my awkward wedding pictures?

So Mattie and I are big fans of the Pinterest, You Are Drunk website. That girl's captions are so dead on, right?! Well, we took it a step further tonight and just searched Pinterest for our own , to see if we could come up with captions as funny as hers. Turns out we can't, but we did find an impressive collection of awkward wedding photos that are just too good not to be shared. Enjoy.


All these and more, found HERE!

This inspired me to look through all of mine - turns out I had a couple of my own that I had forgotten about!

^^ pahaha

^^ This one isn't really that awkward, unless you know the story. Our photographer ambushed a random fisherman and asked if we could borrow his pole for a few pictures. I thought it was hilarious. Matthew was very uncomfortable with it, as you can see.
^^ Yup. He also hated taking pictures inside a local cupcake shop.
^^ I'm pretty sure the photographer thought my moms best friend, and my dad, and my little brother were a family of three. We have a few pictures of them together haha.
^^ We have three pictures, all different angles mind you, of my brother in law squeezing our cousins face.
^^ I don't really think we nailed the "pose like boys" shot.
^^ no words necessary.
^^ absolutely nobody remembers what we were going for here.
^^ pretty sure that's my "please stop talking to me, im trying to eat" face.
^^ aaaand the single most flattering picture I have ever taken
Hahaha I don't think I've ever laughed so hard writing a blog post before :)

11 July 2013

Wearing scrubs is the best part of my job

Everyday I basically get to wake up, put on new pajamas, and go in to work (maybe this is why I sometimes forget a bra...I'm half asleep and they feel so much like pajamas) haha! The fact that sometimes they LOOK like pajamas are the only downside. Case and point:

Hi, I'm a human box.
Well, I am here to announce that it doesn't have to be that way. Uniformed Scrubs sent me a pair of their nurse scrubs  that are not only soo comfortable, but look more professional!
I was thrilled to see the side panel on these Cherokee scrubs when they came in the mail!
I've been told before that the side paneling helps to give you a shape, and the verdict is:
Yesss! I'm not a human box anymore :) We have a uniform policy at my hospital and I'm only allowed to wear maroon or wine colored scrubs, but I couldn't resist looking at all the other colors and patterns they have on their site:
 perfect for spring and summer! ugh.
and sassy ones too :)
My absolute favorite is this one, with the saying: Live with intention. Somebody please get them, so I can live vicariously through you. Seriously, how perfect is that for nursing?? The nurse I look up to more than any of the wonderful people my job has ever put me in contact with often says "Pay attention to your intention." It is the perfect advice for healthcare workers, because even if we're having a bad day, the person in the bed is probably having a worse one. Even if we've just come straight out of a room with the devil himself inside, the patient in the room over doesn't need our attitude. Big thanks to Uniformed Scrubs for sponsoring this post.
Psst! They're also doing a giveaway over here.

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