20 July 2013

Forever21 is like a treasure hunt.

You know that shopping trip where you magically just kept finding things that speak to you, AND those things just happen to be on sale?  Yeah, I had one of those days recently. I was at the mall with my sister and our cousin... little did we know when we woke up that morning the wonders that would unfold before us in Forever 21.
First of all, I found TWO skirts that I loved. That just never happens in the same day. They are comfortable and cute and happen to be white tee approved.
Tribal skirt found at F21. Don't mind my uncomfortable pose. And that weird stain on the ground.

Leopard skirt found at some stupid little store that I have a serious grudge against since its the store that replaced American Eagle in my mall. We took our cousin in there to prove to her how horrible it was, and I walked out with this skirt! Traded in my convictions for the most comfortable skirt I have ever worn, and it was worth it.


 My sister had and even better day. Downright epic. We were just moseying around the clearance section in F21, when my hand brushes across some sequins. I glance up at the article of clothing before me, and struggle to believe my eyes. When my sister and cousin notice why I stopped dead in my tracks we share a moment of celebration before whisking Sara off to the dressing room. We all just knew in the same instant that it had to be Sara's.
But I told her not to tell anybody what it was. For the rest of the day it stayed in her bright yellow F21 bag, which became known as "the bag of secrets," or "the secret bag" until she tried in on at home. Long story short, we found next years prom dress. Floor length black gown covered in sequins, featuring a baby train. It's not online but here's a similar one I found here.
Elleven hundred and fifty dollars? Psh, try $18.50!
Try and tell me she isn't the luckiest teenage girl in the history of prom.


Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Cute outfits. I love Forever.

Wendy May said...

Love your outfits!
Found you over at Farmer & The Bell.
Your blog is adorable.

Please visit my blog, I'm new since May. Read as I stumble and pick myself back up :)



Brittany said...

Great daels!! I love the maxi skirt on you, super cute. And that is so awesome that you found a prom dress for your sister!

nicole said...

Love that tribal skirt! I'm sort of eyeing an American Eagle dress with a similar print. I love Forever 21's clothes, but I get a mini panic attack every time I step into a store.. it's just so overwhelming! So I stick to buying things online from there :)

Alexandra Marie said...

I love that black sequin dress. I love F21, but I have to go on a day where I have a lot of patience and am willing to try on a bajillion different things.

Annette said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love Forever 21 too, but I haven't gone lately since I'm trying to lose some weight around my mid-section. I love the skirts you bought, especially the first one. Maybe I should rethink a visit soon.

E. Erquitt said...

Shopping in our F21 gives me anxiety because it's so big and messy and the air conditioning is never enough. I always get overwhelmed and can only take about twenty minutes before I have to leave. I love the tribal skirt. Looks great on you!

Erica said...

I LOVE that leopard print skirt :D And that glittery dress, what a bargain!

Kim Brown said...

Whaaat a fab deal for that dress. All the stuff is cute- I love Forever 21. Too bad the hubs calls me out for being no longer 21 ;)

Chelsea said...

Love those skirts!! I have to be in the mood for forever 21, but I typically always find a steal! And that dress...wow!!

Elise Rogers said...

You are so adorable!!
Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!!

Jamie Sefcik || Hello Little Scout said...

That dress! She's pretty lucky :)

Brooke said...

Fun! I love maxi skirts. I practically live in them lately :)

nicole said...

Laynah - I couldn't reply via e-mail to your comment on my post so here's what I said haha: To claim it on bloglovin? Get on your bloglovin account/home page, click on the little blue heart circle by the search box and hit "my blog"... I think then it will ask you for the URL and you type it in, they give you a code that you have to post & when they recognize the code on your blog, they let you claim it! ...I'm fairly sure that's how I did it haha

Ashley R said...

That dress is a dream!!! Amazing find!

Lindsay said...

CUTE! I love all of the clothes you got. That sequined dress is AMAZING.

aki! said...

This is great. I do love the cheetah print dress!

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