23 July 2013

He broke his hand and other random updates

Life lately, in order of importance:
1. Mattie has this really bad habit of getting hurt way too often. The other day we embarked on our 4th visit to urgent care in the whopping 9 months since we've been married (I wont even go into his pre-marriage injuries because we would be here all. day. long). So he was using a plumbing snake when his rubber gloves got caught up in it, and it drug his hand round and round like an alligator death roll. Verdict: broken pinkie + some damaged ligaments.

His brother is currently serving a mission in France, and commented on it in his recent letter. We thought it was hilarious: "wow! this week was really awesome for you all! not matthew though... come on man, don't be rippin your pinkies off... but seriously that really sucks" haha :)

2. I went to Target to buy hangers and ONLY hangers...and left with these. Cookie candle because Mattie only likes scents that he would eat, and lazy girl cookie mix for the cravings that will surely follow.

I mostly took this picture to play around with aperture though. I think it was at like 1 or 2...but its still not as dramatic as I would like. Is that because the background is too close? Speaking of cameras, I had a stroke of brilliance the other day when I was helping an RN photo document a wound on a patient...the photo kept coming out blurry so I took the camera, adjusted the settings and voila! Sharp as a tack. I'm definitely learning :)
3. Probably not even worth mentioning...but I had a box of chocolates recently and they were delicious. These were bought as a gift for me to share with Mattie, but half of them were gone by the time I even got home. Oops.

4. I'm officially a twit! As in...I have a twitter. I made a fb for my blog also, but wasn't feeling that one so I deleted it already. Haha.

5. A couple of months ago I deleted my Pinterest and started from scratch. I already have 515 pins! So obsessed...its like my own personal collection of all things beautiful, yummy, funny, and just generally uplifting.

That last one I pinned from my friend's new blog.
You should probably go check her out because, hello, she painted her kitchenaid!
So awesome.


Erica said...

Ouch! That's quite an injury! Reminds me of the weekend before our wedding when I got a phone call from my brother saying "don't freak out, but I need Malcolm's medical aid details"... long story short, I have an xray of his left hand, and his wedding ring needed to go on the right.
As for cookie-scented candles?! I would not last without getting cookie-munching-crazy!!

Jennifer Martinez said...

love loveeee candles with yummy scents! I hate floral smells :P

Maddie said...

Such an interesting post!
And that candy looks so delicious! Yum!


Jenessa Marie said...

Thanks for the shout out girl!:) you're the best!

Alexandra Marie said...

That candy looks delicious! And Target is such a trap. You can never leave with just one thing!

Ashley R said...

I hope he feels better. I love the idea of painting your kitchenaid... great thinking!

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