13 July 2013

Hey, wanna see my awkward wedding pictures?

So Mattie and I are big fans of the Pinterest, You Are Drunk website. That girl's captions are so dead on, right?! Well, we took it a step further tonight and just searched Pinterest for our own , to see if we could come up with captions as funny as hers. Turns out we can't, but we did find an impressive collection of awkward wedding photos that are just too good not to be shared. Enjoy.


All these and more, found HERE!

This inspired me to look through all of mine - turns out I had a couple of my own that I had forgotten about!

^^ pahaha

^^ This one isn't really that awkward, unless you know the story. Our photographer ambushed a random fisherman and asked if we could borrow his pole for a few pictures. I thought it was hilarious. Matthew was very uncomfortable with it, as you can see.
^^ Yup. He also hated taking pictures inside a local cupcake shop.
^^ I'm pretty sure the photographer thought my moms best friend, and my dad, and my little brother were a family of three. We have a few pictures of them together haha.
^^ We have three pictures, all different angles mind you, of my brother in law squeezing our cousins face.
^^ I don't really think we nailed the "pose like boys" shot.
^^ no words necessary.
^^ absolutely nobody remembers what we were going for here.
^^ pretty sure that's my "please stop talking to me, im trying to eat" face.
^^ aaaand the single most flattering picture I have ever taken
Hahaha I don't think I've ever laughed so hard writing a blog post before :)


Brittany said...

HAHAHA fun to look at :)

Jenny B said...

I definitely loved the last one. Laughed out loud !

Sally said...

LOL!!! Love these! Love the umbrella one and the pose like boys one....SO MUCH. HAHA!!

Lex said...

these photos are all so great! thanks for the laugh!

Emily said...

Wow, those are terrible. Not yours - the ones you found on Pinterest. I just don't understand. Yours, on the other hand, are kind of cute in a goofy sort of way. You looked gorgeous on your wedding day, by the way! Particularly posing like a boy. (;

May the Force be with you.

Erica said...

These are so funny! It was thanks to photos like these that I was terrified that our wedding photos would turn out terribly and I'd be too embarrassed to ever show anybody. I tend to jump to the worst conclusions! Fortunately, most were lovely, though I have a few I could add to that site...

Jamie Sefcik || Hello Little Scout said...

ha! Thanks for sharing! These totally made me laugh!

Jamie Sefcik || Hello Little Scout said...

ha! Thanks for sharing! These totally made me laugh!

Emma said...

This post was so funny, I love all the pictures. I have the pose like the groomsmen on my list of dream poses for my future wedding. I also love the picture of you before the cake because I know that's the type of face I would make. LOL.


Fealyclan said...

Hahahahahaha...!! Those last two pictures are AWESOME!!

Fealyclan said...

Your centerpiece on the "sweetheart" table is so pretty.

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