03 July 2013

Life update

Next month, Mattie and I are moving! First move as a married couple.
I call this move "out of the ghetto, and into the dungeon"
You see, we currently live in the ghetto.
Like, someone got murdered outside our bedroom window type ghetto.
Sometimes we see real life prostitutes and their children type ghetto.
Our neighbors are nice though...
Only one of them only killed someone once and it was only in self defense. (he really is nice lol)
I guess you could say we found out pretty quickly why it was the cheapest complex. We used to have friends who lived in the same apartment complex as us, but they hightailed it out of here the second their apartment got broken into. Matthew and I decided to stick it out till the end of our lease, which, thank heavens - is right around the corner.

This place was kind of a shock for me, coming from a small town where only half the people even lock their front doors. I found out that the laundromat is like a whole other world that I'm fascinated and terrified of. Matthew has done 90% of our laundry since we've been married because I had a little freak out the first time I used it without him. With our upcoming move though, my incessant desire to document everything convinced me to take a few photos of it, you know...for the road.


aaaand I'm hoping I never have to see the inside of another laundromat again. 
Next up: we make our move into the dungeon!
AKA the basement of our aunt and uncles house.
Super excited about it.


Kendra Klingler said...

Jealous that you get to move, but unfortunately, we are apartment managers here and also we have rent for free here. Along with, when we do move, it'll be a house not an apartment. Best of luck with moving!! <3

Brooke said...

Our first apartment was just horrid, so I feel for ya. Moving is always kind of therapeutic for me... getting rid of the old stuff, clearing things out. You know. Good luck!

Susannah said...

What an adventure! Sounds like your move is definitely for the best. :-)

Ashley R said...

Well I am glad your lease is up too- yikes! Thank goodness for an upgrade :)

Ashley Marx said...

I feel your pain -- someone got shot in my apartment complex just a few months ago! Congrats on finding a new place!

Jenessa Kramer said...

K I love that we made it onto your blog! Get yourself out of that complex:) we made that same mistake and are so glad we got out! And embarrassing story... On my iPhone, I save blogs to my home screen and use that to view all my faves, but I didn't save your home page I saved your "I just want to make things" post and every time I clicked on your blog to see if you updated, it went to that post so I thought that you hadn't updated all this time and I was so sad! Turns out, I've been missing out! Catching up has begun and I'm loving it! Get together soon? Yes?!

Erica said...

Hi :) I'm just catching up on your blog, I only recently started following... and I love this (not the crime part!) Before moving I made sure to take photos of just about everything... even things I disliked now make me nostalgic!

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