10 July 2013

Throwback Thursday: Senior Pictures Edition

My sister happens to be taking her senior pictures this month, and they are destined to be the most beautiful senior pictures the world has ever seen. I sure wish I had her closet to work with, back when I was trying to decide what to wear for mine! Although, when I think about it, my clothes weren't really a big deal...my hair however, different story! I was very particular about how I wanted my hair, and my mom was very particular about how she wanted my hair. These two ideas were vastly different. It could have ultimately ended in chaos, but we came up with the perfect solution: I got to have my hair the way I wanted it during "my" senior picture session...

(this was before I accepted the reality that curly headed girls shouldn't have bangs)

And my mama got to have a completely different, in-studio portrait session where I agreed to wear my hair exactly the way SHE wanted it. Ohhh my goodness and I can't even find the pictures! Let me just set the scene for you...HUGE 80's band, maroon colored hair while wearing a tight black dress, with a stark white backdrop...and occasionally sitting on ginormous "09" numbers. One day, I will find them and show you, pinky swear. For now, you're just going to have to picture this color:

(prom picture)

...with this hair do!
(selfie from senior lip sync day. I performed girls just wanna have fun haha)
Dear 17 year old Laynah: stop making that face. kthanks.

Total blogger fail...I'm sorry.
On a positive note, I just found the vintage 4th of July pictures I wanted to show you last week! Maybe this means the 80's hair senior pictures will somehow reveal themselves this week?


Kalyn Randolph said...

Such a fun idea for a post!

Kendra Klingler said...

Oh man, the crimped hair!! I remember those days!! Love it!! <3

Autumn said...

My Mom is so low key that I don't think she would have even cared had I brushed my hair. It is a double edged sword though because I learned I couldn't ask my Mom how I looked before I left because sometimes I came home and I felt like I looked like a hobo all day haha.

I did the bangs with curly hair thing all through college which totally makes sense because I graduated in 2011.

Kenzie Smith said...

Your senior pictures turned out so much better than mine!! Oh gosh, mine are just.. awful, horrendous, scary! Ha ha!

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