23 August 2013

22-42 of 3000

In between all of our hiking we found our way to Forks and LaPush. Forks is just...a town. Nothing really to do (that's why Bella goes prom dress shopping in Port Angeles in the book I guess) there was like a random little Twilight souvenir shop and that was the only touristy thing to do there.  

LaPush is is even smaller, and probably 3x as sketchy. My father in law was on a mission for authentic smoked salmon, and as we drove through the neighborhood (as directed by the spray painted signs) we saw dogs laying all over the roads, people gutting their octopi in their front yards, a cage hanging from the roof of one house with a little bunny in it, and lots and lots of trash.

(We were being werewolves in LaPush)

So yeah...we bought smoked salmon from a native american named Jerry whose belly you can see hanging out of his shirt if you look close enough. And for those of us that dared try it, it was delicious.

On another day (these posts are NOT in chronological order, btw) we visited Port Townsend and basically just walked around the little shops and ate icecream and took beautiful pictures for hours. That was probably one of my favorite days. 

I already showed you a couple pictures from the Olympic Game Farm, but it just wouldn't be a wrap up post without these. Some might argue that watching sawyer feed an elk a slice of bread with his mouth was the highlight of our trip.

"Race you to the car!"

The Hoh Rainforest.

Cape Flattery, the farthest northwest point in the contiguous United States.

Ruby beach. We HAD to come here because we were promised by the touristy books that the sand might be pink...instead we found lots of rock stacks. Lots and lots of very not-pink rock stacks.

So that's pretty much it, in a nutshell! Not pictured are the many "snack stops" we made for the sake of having an excuse to eat candy, nights by the fire, the magic crystal Sawyer bought from a witch in Port Townsend, Matthew fishing for three days straight only to have his lure stolen by a sneaky fish, long conversations in the jacuzzi, and the incredible 1000 piece puzzle Sara completed. 

Next time I'm in Washington will likely be with Matthew because I've been begging to celebrate 4th of July in the little town he served his mission in...he says they do it right up there and I just have to see for myself. 


Erica said...

That first photo of you two as werewolves made me smile. And the one one of you ladies sitting on the seal-statues all pretty and composed and then they guys sit there all... not pretty and composed. :) Looks like such a fun time exploring and being brave :)

Kenzie Smith said...

I am so envious of your trip! I have been wanting to go that way for a couple years now. We were supposed to do it last year but weren't able to get around to it, and we were supposed to do it this year.. but same story ha ha. I love the pictures from your trip!!

Rachel Lynn said...

Once again, my jealousy of your trip is taking over. Can't wait for December and my chance to get back to the PNW. Glad you had fun!

My Wholesome Home

Lex said...

Where did Matthew serve his mission?? My husband served in Washington, too.

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