17 August 2013

Sunday Confessions Link Up

1. My favorite Dr. Seuss book is There's a Wocket in my Pocket, and Matthew and I actually keep a Yot in our pots. I'm thrilled that he supports me in this, haha.

2.  Something he's not so supportive of? My puppy fever. I know once he lets me have one he'll fall in love with the thing, so why is it like pulling teeth to get him on board?? This is the part where I throw in a picture of the one I want on the off chance he's reading this. 

3. Today I got to take dead flowers home from work because they were giving everyone in the nurse's station trouble with their allergies. #FreeVase #Holler

4. I'm allowed to use hashtags whenever I want now, because I have a twitter. My favorite is #Holler

5. I just asked my husband what a confession of mine would be, and without hesitation he says "How you always stand on your tippie toes like a ballerina." (I do this all the time without even noticing)

6. I never finished that side table I started! I didn't know how to use my husbands fancy paint sprayer thing and when he offered to finish it for me I was all over that. #CraftFail

Linkin' up! :)


Jennifer Martinez said...

cute puppy!!! but wouldn't you rather a larger, wolf like doggy? a German shepherd perhaps? They are the best! :P

Sara Fontes said...

Loved it! I love that you have a yot in your pot. #Holler!

Thien Do said...

I was starting to wonder what happened to that side table...? haha

Alyx said...

WHERE DID YOU GET A YOT TO PUT IN YOUR POT?!?!?!?! Because I need one. And yes, shouting was TOTALLY necessary.

Thanks for linking up!!

Elise Johansen Harvey said...

A yot in your pot...that's too cute! I'm pretty sure I need to do that once my son gets a little older!

Elise @ Harvey Ever After

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