29 September 2013

Oh insta, how I missed thee

I swear, instagram alone was the main reason I was craving a smart phone. Now that I have one, I've been instagramming like crazy to make up for the 9 months without it, haha. I'll probably be doing a post like this every now and then, hope you don't mind for those of you who have seen these already!

1. My friend Chloe' had to come back from her mission early because she's been very sick. Prayers to help guide the doctors minds while they figure out what the heck is wrong with her would be greatly appreciated. In the meantime, I took her on a mini trip to the LA temple to boost her spirits.

2. Went a little photo crazy at the temple.

3. This birthday card only had one dollar in it... fortunately it was good for one hundred more!

4. Gorgeous flowers that belonged to a patient. I sure will miss all the fresh flowers when I leave the hospital.

5. A friend bought me donuts for my last day at work.

6. Bittersweet! I can't believe I wont be coming back here anymore! Goodbye forever, hospital.

7. Mattie says "Those aren't pajamas! Pajamas bring happiness and those...those just bring confusion." Haha he can get a little dramatic where leggings are involved. Lets just say he's not a fan.

25 September 2013

Guess who joined team iPhone??

That's right. 

After a year of living in the dark ages I feel like a kid in a candy store! 
First order of business: prettify my home screen (check!)

Second order of business: buy the gaudiest iPhone case I  can find (mission currently underway). Third order of business: take my pretty little phone on a field trip and Instagram ALL THE THINGS. (Partially complete. I really tried to hold myself back haha)

PS - my Instagram is @laynahrose ! Let me know what yours too so I can insta-stalk you :)

23 September 2013

I don't know about YOU

But I'm feeling twenty two ;)

It's weird because I actually do feel 22...almost like a completely different person than I was 365 days ago. Last year I was a train wreck trying to tie up all of the loose ends for my wedding, and this year I basically have it all together and I'm super wife. HA jk. Honestly though, I wouldn't go back in time for anything! The dust has settled from all of the major changes in my life and I am no longer scared of the future. I have almost a whole entire year of being a wife under my belt and I am finally starting to get the hang of it. Here's to year 22, where I practice applying all of the many lessons I learned in year 21. 

ps - Google has a whole bunch of cakes on their logo for me today! how thoughtful

pss - yup, the blog design is finally finished :) tada

21 September 2013

A Very Merry Early Birthday!

It's not even my birthday yet and I've already celebrated it twice! Three times if you count the beginning of the month when I announced to Matthew that I had to dip into my birthday money to buy myself something...

On the 13th I made myself a birthday cake, my sweet mama made chicken and chocolate chip cookies at my request, and Matthew and I made the drive over to stuff our faces at my parents house. It was glorious. Also in attendance was my sweet grandpa who shares my birth week! I sure do love him. 

Then the other day I got to hang out with my family-in-love and stuff my face with them too! I was NOT expecting any gifts but next thing I knew I was opening the single most epic present I have ever received...Photoshop Elements 11! I have been dreaming and dreaming of owning it for months, even going so far as to study it in my spare time, so I was blown away to see it sitting in that cute little pink bag. Of course I haven't gotten a thing done since then, but hey, I think I'm starting to get the hang of it.

Problem: I'm running out of pictures. I've been thinking that I'd love to edit somebody else's if they'd let me...so if you're up to it, email me and I can practice my prettification! 

19 September 2013

Two weeks notice

Soo I got that job I interviewed for the other day! I'm trying to wrap my head around how I could be so incredibly blessed, but the way this happened so quickly and easily makes me feel like it's meant to be. I put in my two weeks notice yesterday, and I've been daydreaming of my new job ever since. 

For starters, I'm going to be able to wear whatever I want!
I've been lusting over these pieces, but in reality I'll probably be the yoga-pants type...

I'm going to be able to decorate my very own little space!

via pinterest

And most of all...I will have a routine. I will be working Monday through Friday with WEEKENDS OFF. I will also get paid holidays off. The thought of this makes my heart swell with happiness...my new boss asked if I get paid holidays with my current job and I was like "Yeah, because I WORK them!" This will be such a blessing for Matthew and I. Granted, I know there will be cons to this job (as with any job) but something tells me they'll be a little easier to swallow.

17 September 2013

A memory I'd like to relive.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about my choice to become a nurse. I really wish I had listened to my mom in high school and signed up for beauty school instead! I took it as an insult then (don't you dare tell me I wont be good at whatever I choose to be good at!), but now I see exactly where she was coming from.

I also kind of regret the day I picked out my wedding dress. I was very self centered because I was scared of making the wrong decision and I should have relaxed a little and just enjoyed the day. I also think I might have chosen different bridesmaid dresses? 

But you can't choose a day to relive because you have regrets! You choose it because that particular day stands out as so wonderful that you could live it over and over again...based on that I would probably choose my wedding day. I tried really hard to not be cliche but it was simply the best day ever. 

My favorite part was sitting in the temple together in silence, minutes away from taking the elevator up to the sealing room where we would become husband and wife. I remember the man who married us coming in, breaking the silence to ask if we wanted to do a traditional "you may now kiss the bride" kinda thing, or forego the kissing with a more conservative ending. Matthew hesitated but I said "We'll be kissing." I could NOT believe that was even a question! Later he announced my eagerness to kiss my new husband in front of everyone, haha. 

I suppose if I ever really did have the option to relive that day, I couldn't take it juuust in case I found a way to screw it up the second time around. It wouldn't be that hard, seeing as how the day really was perfect. Linking up with Jenni.

15 September 2013

Sometimes I see the good

So my last post was a liitttle negative. I would like to assure you all that there ARE benefits to nursing, it's just that they're harder to see when all the...bad parts...are all piling up on you at once (literally, ba-dum-sshh)! Don't be fooled by my whining though, besides that, life is going pretty well. Proof to follow:

I had a mini-girls day with my main. Low maintenance friends are the absolute best!

 I love me some Friday night lights. Get you some small town high school football!

 Made myself a birthday cake...the whole thing was supposed to be covered but I didn't make enough fondant. Ha, oops. Still, making cute food always cheers me up. (Even when my job interview goes terribly, lol)

Went to a Relief Society get-together and felt like these home-made centerpieces were totally pinterest worthy. They even matched the theme, which was "Gathering the Fruit of our Labors." That being said, all I gathered that night was a whole lot of delicious food...

Oh my handsome...one day I'll get used to the fact that he belongs to me forever! This photo is especially noteworthy, because it was taken right after a silly picture, and for the first (and probablyyy last) time Mattie said "Hey, take a nice one with me now." I nearly fainted.

For the record, this was the silly picture :)

13 September 2013

I wore a tutu to my job interview!

Kind of like those girls that wear yoga pants to work, except more hardcore. Actually, nothing about this is hardcore, because it's a tutu. I got it at a dance supply store in Washington and it is absolutely see-through so I must always wear a slip with it....other than that, I think it pulls of being a skirt quite nicely.

Today I am wearing this outfit and baking a cake for my birthday dinner with family tonight (although my birthday isnt for another 10 days). A repair-man came in to look at a leaky pipe while I was washing the dishes from the cake, and I felt like such a little girl playing pretend! Here's I am, hand washing my dishes in a tutu while my cake cools off and my husband is off at work. Next thing he knew, I started singing a duet with some birds outside the windowsill. Ha just kidding.

Let's talk about why I went out on a job interview even though I have a job: I hate my job. It makes me  bitter and moody and then guilty that I am bitter and moody when the people in the beds are obviously having worse days than I am. I am plain sick of sickness Some people, apparently are bullet proof and have enough positive energy to buoy them up in a hospital environment day after day...not me! The other day I was having a good day. And then I got pooped on. It wasn't the first time, and it wont be the last, but I thought to myself "You know what, I don't like being pooped on." Then something in me snapped. Literally, I strained a muscle in my back or something and as I was trying to clean up this woman I was in AGONY. She probably thought I was fighting back tears because I was covered in her poop, when in actuality I was terrified of the possibility that I had hurt my back for good this time. And don't talk to me about proper body mechanics. Aint nobody got time for proper body mechanics when you're covered in poop and you need to hurry up and get your patient somewhere safe without you OR her slipping and falling to your deaths in the stank puddle of doom.  

So that's the first and last time I'll talk about nursing on the blog, because, like I said, it brings out the bitter and moody part of me and quite frankly, I don't get along with the bitter and moody part of me. 

Hats off to nurses, man.
They're better people than me.

12 September 2013

This one's about music

So recently I found the iPod that I had allll through highschool!
I thought it had gotten stolen when this happened...

Well, now I know that somebody broke my window just to break it...anyway, it's so crazy how listening to the songs on an old iPod is like a time machine! Since I found it, I've been reliving all my old high school ups and downs/remembering old favorites I had completely forgotten. Then I saw this linkup and of course I had to jump on board.

These are the songs that define me:

I'm starting off with Wild One because it has always been my all time favorite song. I'm 99.9% sure  Faith wrote it about me...that other .1% is because I never dated a boy named Bill lol. My very favorite part is "They tell her life is hard, she says 'that's allright!'"

This one reminds me of the fear and excitement of growing up and trying to decide who the HECK I was...as dramatically as possible.

When I started having feelings for Matthew I was terrified. I was sure he was the wrong choice because so many people in my life were against me having anything to do with him... But at the same time it felt so right and I couldn't decide if it really was right or if I was lying to myself. 

This one has given me a sense of empowerment every time I've heard it since it came out...one of those 'you can do anything you set your mind to' kind of songs. Also, I feel like everyone hates the video...I really like it, but obviously it's interpretive. I heard somewhere that a lot of the people in the video are cancer survivors and I liked that rumor so much I never bothered to double check it for fear it might be false haha.

This song fills me with a sense of peace. I have no idea what it's about, but I actually have this entire Metallica CD memorized. When this song comes on I like to picture ballerinas in their black tutus dancing to it, the juxtaposition delights me.


This is our wedding song and Mattie dances with me every time it comes on.

And finally, this is my favorite hymn. I can't sing it without choking up.

I've always been amazed at how music can say in words exactly how you feel. There are so many different types of music because there are so many different types of people, and I think you can learn a lot about a person from the songs they listen to. I really enjoyed writing this post!

Helene in Between

08 September 2013

Crap my patients tell me: Part 2

1. After I told my patient that she shouldn't get up to the bathroom without assistance: "I don't need advice from young girls. Young girls need advice from ME." Haha well alright then, cranky. 

2. I walked into a patient's room to find that she had taken her hospital gown off...  Me: "Oh! You're naked." Patient: "SSHH! Be quiet!" Usually the response I get when I say this is "Yeah it was hot" or something, so hers just stood out as extra hilarious to me.

3. Me: "Do you have any pain?" Patient: "No, but I'm real sore and my back is hurting." 

4. Me: "What is your pain level on a scale of 1-10?" Patient: "A zero and a ten." Uhhh...

5. Patient: "What's my temperature?" Me: "98.4" Patient: "Oh good! It was 300 when I first came in to the ER." 

6. Patient: "Wow! It's 7-13-13, what an unlucky day...just wait until 13-13-13!"

7. A patient yelled at me rudely and I told him not to talk to me like that. He said: "I wasn't yellin' I was screechin!" 

7. The following conversation was overheard in the cafeteria. Cafeteria worker: "Hey um, whats up with that flood out in the parking lot?" Security guard: "Oh, a man hit a fire hydrant with his car. He left his car, and tried to run though. I was looking around for the person who did it...and happened to find a man casually standing outside the ER soaking wet..."

03 September 2013

Life with twins

Getting them jazzed up right before bedtime.

The title of this post is a little misleading, as I have no idea how life with twins works. What I do know is that if you ever DO have twins, you better make sure you have them first before all your single babies. I also know that Mattie and I are loving the family we live with! They have four kids, 5 and under, and we get to run upstairs whenever we want to get them all hyper before coming down and hiding out in our dungeon. It's a pretty sweet deal. Not to mention, I sometimes get to tag along on their little outings in the name of "helping out."

We can't tell yet if this is good birth control, or just a real good way of catching baby fever... 

...as cute as they are, I think it's usually the former.

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