13 September 2013

I wore a tutu to my job interview!

Kind of like those girls that wear yoga pants to work, except more hardcore. Actually, nothing about this is hardcore, because it's a tutu. I got it at a dance supply store in Washington and it is absolutely see-through so I must always wear a slip with it....other than that, I think it pulls of being a skirt quite nicely.

Today I am wearing this outfit and baking a cake for my birthday dinner with family tonight (although my birthday isnt for another 10 days). A repair-man came in to look at a leaky pipe while I was washing the dishes from the cake, and I felt like such a little girl playing pretend! Here's I am, hand washing my dishes in a tutu while my cake cools off and my husband is off at work. Next thing he knew, I started singing a duet with some birds outside the windowsill. Ha just kidding.

Let's talk about why I went out on a job interview even though I have a job: I hate my job. It makes me  bitter and moody and then guilty that I am bitter and moody when the people in the beds are obviously having worse days than I am. I am plain sick of sickness Some people, apparently are bullet proof and have enough positive energy to buoy them up in a hospital environment day after day...not me! The other day I was having a good day. And then I got pooped on. It wasn't the first time, and it wont be the last, but I thought to myself "You know what, I don't like being pooped on." Then something in me snapped. Literally, I strained a muscle in my back or something and as I was trying to clean up this woman I was in AGONY. She probably thought I was fighting back tears because I was covered in her poop, when in actuality I was terrified of the possibility that I had hurt my back for good this time. And don't talk to me about proper body mechanics. Aint nobody got time for proper body mechanics when you're covered in poop and you need to hurry up and get your patient somewhere safe without you OR her slipping and falling to your deaths in the stank puddle of doom.  

So that's the first and last time I'll talk about nursing on the blog, because, like I said, it brings out the bitter and moody part of me and quite frankly, I don't get along with the bitter and moody part of me. 

Hats off to nurses, man.
They're better people than me.


Ashley R said...

That is awful! I don't blame you for wanting a new job. I like the tutu though!!

Kimberly said...

Even though my daughter took her diaper off during a nap last week and smeared her poop on every surface in her crib. . . This sounds worse. I don't blame you for wanting something else!!

Jennifer Martinez said...

that's awesome. (secretly cracking up)

Katie said...

Just think...instead of calling it "Crap Patients Tell Me," you can call it "When Patients Crap On Me." Jk. So sorry things have been rough lately. Even though I've never been a nurse or anything close, I can totally identify with that "I am so done with this" feeling. And it's awful.

But that part about birds on the windowsill singing with you is totally hilarious! And I know exactly what you mean. Whenever someone comes over to repair our house or visits from the church or anything like that, I always half-expect them to ask "Where's your mom, kid?"

Regine Karpel said...

You look great!
God Bless!

Whitney M. @ The Married Me said...

I really get where you are coming from. I love being a nurse, but we have had the neediest, whiniest, soul-sucking patients these past two weeks and I've had it.

Erica said...

Ha! Singing with the birds totally fits the picture. I love that skirt, really pretty... although I always found they're a pain to actually dance in cuz they get stuck between ones legs and wrap around them... much better as a job-interview skirt :D
AND... I'm sorry about your work... but admire you for looking for something else!

karajean said...

Oh my goodness. I can vividly remember the moment in each one on my jobs where I snapped and said to myself "I've had enough. I'm not doing this anymore." It usually involved being screamed at by customers/clients for something I didn't do. But anyway, I was never pooped on, so yeah, I am sorry...!

Good luck interviewing! And I love the tutu.

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