29 September 2013

Oh insta, how I missed thee

I swear, instagram alone was the main reason I was craving a smart phone. Now that I have one, I've been instagramming like crazy to make up for the 9 months without it, haha. I'll probably be doing a post like this every now and then, hope you don't mind for those of you who have seen these already!

1. My friend Chloe' had to come back from her mission early because she's been very sick. Prayers to help guide the doctors minds while they figure out what the heck is wrong with her would be greatly appreciated. In the meantime, I took her on a mini trip to the LA temple to boost her spirits.

2. Went a little photo crazy at the temple.

3. This birthday card only had one dollar in it... fortunately it was good for one hundred more!

4. Gorgeous flowers that belonged to a patient. I sure will miss all the fresh flowers when I leave the hospital.

5. A friend bought me donuts for my last day at work.

6. Bittersweet! I can't believe I wont be coming back here anymore! Goodbye forever, hospital.

7. Mattie says "Those aren't pajamas! Pajamas bring happiness and those...those just bring confusion." Haha he can get a little dramatic where leggings are involved. Lets just say he's not a fan.


Japolina said...

Love those photos!

Thien Do said...

hahahah....those just bring confusion. Cute pictures!

Chelsea said...

Question...what program/app do you use on your insta?? I love all the quotes and effects you add!!

J. Peterson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
J. Peterson said...

Have always enjoyed your blog, now enjoy seeing the photos on instagram. @petersonfamilyaz

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