15 September 2013

Sometimes I see the good

So my last post was a liitttle negative. I would like to assure you all that there ARE benefits to nursing, it's just that they're harder to see when all the...bad parts...are all piling up on you at once (literally, ba-dum-sshh)! Don't be fooled by my whining though, besides that, life is going pretty well. Proof to follow:

I had a mini-girls day with my main. Low maintenance friends are the absolute best!

 I love me some Friday night lights. Get you some small town high school football!

 Made myself a birthday cake...the whole thing was supposed to be covered but I didn't make enough fondant. Ha, oops. Still, making cute food always cheers me up. (Even when my job interview goes terribly, lol)

Went to a Relief Society get-together and felt like these home-made centerpieces were totally pinterest worthy. They even matched the theme, which was "Gathering the Fruit of our Labors." That being said, all I gathered that night was a whole lot of delicious food...

Oh my handsome...one day I'll get used to the fact that he belongs to me forever! This photo is especially noteworthy, because it was taken right after a silly picture, and for the first (and probablyyy last) time Mattie said "Hey, take a nice one with me now." I nearly fainted.

For the record, this was the silly picture :)


Sally said...

Honestly no one is cuter in glasses than you!! I desperately want to look this good in glasses!!! waahh

scrapperjen said...

Hang in there, I know it feels like work and life are ind of stunky.
Fun pictures, thanks for sharing!

Katherine said...

Hi Laynah! What program do you use to create your header, signature, etc? Thank you:)

Jamie Sefcik || Hello Little Scout said...

Sometimes, work sucks. But there will always good and bad days no matter what! Looks like you guys had some fun!!

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