31 October 2013

Laynah and the case of the Halloween Shoes

So recently, I scored some pretty black flats on sale...making my old ones obsolete.

Now that I had two pairs of black flats (and was in need of Halloween shoes) I decided to kill two birds with one stone and see if I couldn't DIY my oldies into something that would match my costume.  Since I'm no stranger to painting shoes I went with that. Fabric paint should work on canvas shoes, right?

Right! A few coats with a cheap little paint brush later and voila! I'm pretty happy with them because they match my angel costume so much better. Keep in mind the after picture was taken after wearing them for two days. 

Oh and if you're wondering why I feel like I have to share every single little craft I do on the blog...its because I don't do nearly as many as I want to, so I have a tendency to get super excited when I actually cross a project off my list - no matter how small :)

PS - Keep the costume pictures coming! Instagram is so much more fun on Halloween!

22 October 2013

"Let's watch zombies"

That's what I've been telling Matthew every spare second we've had for the past week or so. You see, we have recently discovered the Walking Dead...during our Horror Nights trip they gave us a sneak peek into the new season that just came out and we were hooked! Well, I guess I should say I am hooked, because Matthew doesn't seem to be nearly addicted as I am...anyways, you'll understand why I haven't updated you recently. 

Not that there's much to update you on...here's the lowdown:

My dog (aka my family's dog) is pregnant. Due in December and I can't even have one of her puppies because we don't have our own house yet slash there would be no way to potty train it with our jobs. But at least I know I'll get to cuddle puppies in December!

Also, my aunt is pregnant. Ha I guess I should have listed this one before my dog but now I guess you can see where my priorities are... This is significant because if somebody in your family ever gets pregnant it takes 100% of the pressure off of you to have a kid :)

Speaking of babies...I've decided on a semiofficial time when Mattie and I are going to start trying. Haha and then I posted it on instgram. Obvi.

In other NON baby news...last Sunday I spoke in church and it was pretty much a big deal. I should probably go into more detail on that on some other post that doesn't include zombies though. Oh and my office neighbor's background freaks me out every time. Does that count as an update?

16 October 2013

The Perfect First Anniversary Gift

I thought my anniversary gift to Matthew was so dang cute it deserved its own post.

I don't know if you know that the traditional first anniversary gift is paper, but I really wanted to play with that. When I noticed a few weeks ago that my anniversary was sneaking up on me, naturally the first place I  went to look for ideas was Pinterest. The one that stood out to me the most was a "favor jar" with 52 little favors inside for your honey to pick out every weekend...but all of the pins I found had broken links that didn't go back to their source!

This actually turned out to be a good thing, because it forced me to come up with my own cute little poem instead of using someone else's. Here's my version:

As you can see, I was planning on doing a jar at first, but when I got the idea for a paper box I felt like it would be so much more unique (it seems like we get real excited to put stuff in jars every chance we get haha). I learned how to make one from this tutorial, then I cut out my poem as well as a slightly bigger heart to frame it a little. Filled it with 52 mini scrolls with sweet favors written on them, and voila! Cutest gift you can make for $5

PS - I also cut a square piece of glitter paper and put it in the bottom with cotton balls underneath to elevate it and make the bottom part of the box seem a little more shallow. 

14 October 2013

365 Days

Saturday was the one year anniversary of our marriage, and Matthew and I had the best time using this weekend to celebrate the love that we have for each other. Part of me is sad that it's Monday and the festivities are over, but the other part of me is tremendously grateful that I had the whooole weekend with him and of course that I even have someone like him to spend my forever with. 

All growing up I had future husbands picked out for myself, and this week (because I've been thinking about marriage all week) I went through and tried to remember who all of those boys were. It was interesting that at one point I thought that they were so perfect for me, but now I can see that any of them would be a major downgrade compared to Matthew. I'm so glad that it's Heavenly Father, and not me, who is running this show. Matthew is my perfect match in every way and I am spoiled beyond measure to have someone by my side who cares more about my happiness than his own. 

So we were a little giddy and kicked off the festivities on Friday, our "anniversary eve." I gave him the present I had made, he gave me a gorgeous bouquet of roses and Lillie's, and we tried eating the topper of our wedding cake from last year. 

Safe to say that we were NOT fans of that year old cake! Ugh!
Mattie says "I really don't like whoever came up with this tradition"

Then I tried on my wedding dress, just for fun.
I almost felt prettier in it now than I did last year!
I think I'm just much more comfortable in my skin...

On Saturday the real fun began! We did a 5k mud run...with zombies! So there were obstacles, and mud, and zombies and it. was. a. blast...but now that we've discovered how out of shape we are, we've decided to start running together in the evenings haha!

Out of shape of not, we survived! They gave everyone a little flag around their right arm, and if a zombie snatched yours, you were zombified. If not, congratulations, you survived the figurative apocalypse. 

Very proud of ourselves, as you can see.

Saving the best for last, we returned to the beautiful temple where we were married to do sealings 
and feel the same spirit we did on that wonderful day. 

PS: My birthday present that I've been waiting for came in the mail on our anniversary too!
So now she's basically a birthday AND an anniversary present, right? :)

So epic. Next year sure has a lot to live up to.

09 October 2013

Now introducing...my favorite app!

So I got a new photo editing app for instagram and I'm pretty excited about it (as you can see). A few people have asked me about it, so I just wanted to go over why I love it real quick. It's the first app I've ever paid for, but the $1.99 has been so worth it to me because you have soooo many options. It might take you forever to really get the hang of it, but if you're like me you'll be having too much fun to care about wasting your time haha. Actually, that's probably the biggest reason I love it (besides the fact that my instas are fabulous now) because I tend to get bored quickly with every other photo editing app I've tried. 

1. This was the first day I had the app and I was itching to edit something haha.
2. The theme for my desk.
3. Cold stone.
4. Lilly and I.
5. My new case!
6. The fortune I got with my meal TWICE this week.
7. Come 3:00 everyone in my office has their ice cream. Toto I am not in a hospital anymore!

07 October 2013

Because it's fun to be scared...right?

This weekend, full of uplifting messages and words that strengthened the spirit, was also accompanied by a very irreverent activity, because my office party happened to be at Halloween Horror Nights in Universal Studios. Its kind of silly the lengths we go to in order to get scared, right? I mean scary movies, roller coasters, and entire theme parks dedicated to scaring you for one month out of the year...humans are weird. Nonetheless, it was fun and we even got VIP passes and a private tour all around the park!

First we ate at a Brazilian BBQ...have you ever been? It was my first time and I am still awe-struck. Basically you fill up your plate with the cold stuff - vegetables, pasta, etc. And then while you're working on that, a series of meat bearing men come along with the most wonderfully cooked meats to offer. You say yay or nay and if you accept, they plop a piece on your plate and in two seconds another one is there with a completely different meat. If you're me, you get so excited about the incoming food that you forget to eat whats on your plate until you have nothing less than a meat mountain. Haha.

Thenn we got our passes and they ushered us into the exclusive VIP room while we waited for our tour to start. The VIP room comes with a free dinner, but of course we were stuffed. It also has a balcony. So epic.

Come 7:00, we were ushered from maze to maze all without having to wait in any of the ridiculous lines, all with goblins and zombies jumping out at us as we traveled between the attractions. That last picture is during the terror tram when we got to get off and participate in a "real life paranormal investigation." They walked us through their dark fake cities where they shoot movies, and they had one set up to play out a scene in which an evil demon catches this house (except its not really a house, it is what the movie industry calls a "facade") on fire, illuminating the spirits trapped inside against the windows...all of which served to distract us until our group was charged at by a costumed demon! Very entertaining indeed, to see all of the people I have worked with for one week react to this. 

So worth it, even if we have to re-watch conference next weekend, because something about horror nights washes away all of those nice happy messages, haha :)

01 October 2013

Quarter Life Crisis

This is one of those blog posts where I don't really know what I am going to write about. 
I just have a couple of thoughts floating around so I decided to hit the keyboard and hope for the best.

My new job is wonderful. I've only worked there for two days and already its making me see how absolutely miserable I was at my last job. I know that I had to reach my breaking point at juuuust the right time or else I would've never landed the job I did, but dang, I have been so unhappy for so LONG.  I wish I could go back to my unhappy self and say "Hang in there, it wont be long before you get it..."

I'm pretty sure this whole experience counts as a quarter life crisis. Throwing away two years worth of school because I changed my mind was not an easy thing to do. Now it's all laid out on the table, I am standing my ground, and everyone is fully aware that I have no idea what I'm doing. Shoot.

But you know what? It's not even as bad as I thought it would be. I'm 22 and that means I'm allowed to not have it all figured out yet. Even if I were the one lone person on the face of this Earth who agreed that I was making the right decision, at least I was true to myself. Fortunately though, that's not the case, because I know someone who cares about my happiness even more than his own...

My sweet goofball of a husband.

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