14 October 2013

365 Days

Saturday was the one year anniversary of our marriage, and Matthew and I had the best time using this weekend to celebrate the love that we have for each other. Part of me is sad that it's Monday and the festivities are over, but the other part of me is tremendously grateful that I had the whooole weekend with him and of course that I even have someone like him to spend my forever with. 

All growing up I had future husbands picked out for myself, and this week (because I've been thinking about marriage all week) I went through and tried to remember who all of those boys were. It was interesting that at one point I thought that they were so perfect for me, but now I can see that any of them would be a major downgrade compared to Matthew. I'm so glad that it's Heavenly Father, and not me, who is running this show. Matthew is my perfect match in every way and I am spoiled beyond measure to have someone by my side who cares more about my happiness than his own. 

So we were a little giddy and kicked off the festivities on Friday, our "anniversary eve." I gave him the present I had made, he gave me a gorgeous bouquet of roses and Lillie's, and we tried eating the topper of our wedding cake from last year. 

Safe to say that we were NOT fans of that year old cake! Ugh!
Mattie says "I really don't like whoever came up with this tradition"

Then I tried on my wedding dress, just for fun.
I almost felt prettier in it now than I did last year!
I think I'm just much more comfortable in my skin...

On Saturday the real fun began! We did a 5k mud run...with zombies! So there were obstacles, and mud, and zombies and it. was. a. blast...but now that we've discovered how out of shape we are, we've decided to start running together in the evenings haha!

Out of shape of not, we survived! They gave everyone a little flag around their right arm, and if a zombie snatched yours, you were zombified. If not, congratulations, you survived the figurative apocalypse. 

Very proud of ourselves, as you can see.

Saving the best for last, we returned to the beautiful temple where we were married to do sealings 
and feel the same spirit we did on that wonderful day. 

PS: My birthday present that I've been waiting for came in the mail on our anniversary too!
So now she's basically a birthday AND an anniversary present, right? :)

So epic. Next year sure has a lot to live up to.


Stephanie said...

Awww, happy anniversary to you guys! What fun pictures...I hope you had a great time celebrating!

Thien Do said...

Happy anniversary to the both of you!

Brittany said...

Happy anniversary!! Sounds like a great way to celebrate :)

Erica said...

Happy anniversary! :D
I agree with the year-old-cake thing... we saved ours, then on honeymoon found out we were leaving the country in two months and we were NOT bringing a cake alone, so we ate it on the first month mark... much tastier! ;)
Well done for having a great 1st year AND surviving a hypothetical apocalypse!

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