07 October 2013

Because it's fun to be scared...right?

This weekend, full of uplifting messages and words that strengthened the spirit, was also accompanied by a very irreverent activity, because my office party happened to be at Halloween Horror Nights in Universal Studios. Its kind of silly the lengths we go to in order to get scared, right? I mean scary movies, roller coasters, and entire theme parks dedicated to scaring you for one month out of the year...humans are weird. Nonetheless, it was fun and we even got VIP passes and a private tour all around the park!

First we ate at a Brazilian BBQ...have you ever been? It was my first time and I am still awe-struck. Basically you fill up your plate with the cold stuff - vegetables, pasta, etc. And then while you're working on that, a series of meat bearing men come along with the most wonderfully cooked meats to offer. You say yay or nay and if you accept, they plop a piece on your plate and in two seconds another one is there with a completely different meat. If you're me, you get so excited about the incoming food that you forget to eat whats on your plate until you have nothing less than a meat mountain. Haha.

Thenn we got our passes and they ushered us into the exclusive VIP room while we waited for our tour to start. The VIP room comes with a free dinner, but of course we were stuffed. It also has a balcony. So epic.

Come 7:00, we were ushered from maze to maze all without having to wait in any of the ridiculous lines, all with goblins and zombies jumping out at us as we traveled between the attractions. That last picture is during the terror tram when we got to get off and participate in a "real life paranormal investigation." They walked us through their dark fake cities where they shoot movies, and they had one set up to play out a scene in which an evil demon catches this house (except its not really a house, it is what the movie industry calls a "facade") on fire, illuminating the spirits trapped inside against the windows...all of which served to distract us until our group was charged at by a costumed demon! Very entertaining indeed, to see all of the people I have worked with for one week react to this. 

So worth it, even if we have to re-watch conference next weekend, because something about horror nights washes away all of those nice happy messages, haha :)


Kendra Klingler said...

This post reminds me of Halloween 2008, when we went to six flags for fright fest! Matt was there with a bunch of others and I remember one of the mazes that we went to, it was all clowns. Well as we were watching clowns get closer to us in this one room, all of a sudden a clown pops out of nowhere RIGHT behind Matt. He freaked out and possibly said a word that may not be said. But it sure was a full of laughter for every one of us.

Lindsay said...

Looks like fun! I love Brazilian restaurants, too. The grilled pineapple is AMAZING.

Ashley R said...

I'm going to Knotts Scary Farm this weekend, and even though I've been there before... I'm so nervous! haha

Kimberly said...

I am craving meat so bad right now. I'm practically a vegetarian, but I need a good piece of meat every now and then!

Aaaaaaaand, I refuse to attend any "haunted" activity at all, ever. I told my husband he needs a girlfriend for these kind of events because I feel bad making him go alone, but I just can't. Can not.

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