31 October 2013

Laynah and the case of the Halloween Shoes

So recently, I scored some pretty black flats on sale...making my old ones obsolete.

Now that I had two pairs of black flats (and was in need of Halloween shoes) I decided to kill two birds with one stone and see if I couldn't DIY my oldies into something that would match my costume.  Since I'm no stranger to painting shoes I went with that. Fabric paint should work on canvas shoes, right?

Right! A few coats with a cheap little paint brush later and voila! I'm pretty happy with them because they match my angel costume so much better. Keep in mind the after picture was taken after wearing them for two days. 

Oh and if you're wondering why I feel like I have to share every single little craft I do on the blog...its because I don't do nearly as many as I want to, so I have a tendency to get super excited when I actually cross a project off my list - no matter how small :)

PS - Keep the costume pictures coming! Instagram is so much more fun on Halloween!

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Stacia, the Homey Owl said...

That's a really clever idea. I'm glad they worked well for your costume!

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