22 October 2013

"Let's watch zombies"

That's what I've been telling Matthew every spare second we've had for the past week or so. You see, we have recently discovered the Walking Dead...during our Horror Nights trip they gave us a sneak peek into the new season that just came out and we were hooked! Well, I guess I should say I am hooked, because Matthew doesn't seem to be nearly addicted as I am...anyways, you'll understand why I haven't updated you recently. 

Not that there's much to update you on...here's the lowdown:

My dog (aka my family's dog) is pregnant. Due in December and I can't even have one of her puppies because we don't have our own house yet slash there would be no way to potty train it with our jobs. But at least I know I'll get to cuddle puppies in December!

Also, my aunt is pregnant. Ha I guess I should have listed this one before my dog but now I guess you can see where my priorities are... This is significant because if somebody in your family ever gets pregnant it takes 100% of the pressure off of you to have a kid :)

Speaking of babies...I've decided on a semiofficial time when Mattie and I are going to start trying. Haha and then I posted it on instgram. Obvi.

In other NON baby news...last Sunday I spoke in church and it was pretty much a big deal. I should probably go into more detail on that on some other post that doesn't include zombies though. Oh and my office neighbor's background freaks me out every time. Does that count as an update?


Brittany said...

yay for puppies!!! How exciting. Too bad you can't have one though

Kenzie S said...

How exciting about the pregnancies! Bummer you can't have a puppy though.. What breed are they?

Erica said...

Hahaha... my brother and I agreed that whoever has the first son (how sexist??) can have our childhood train-set. Now THAT is pressure to have a baby ;)

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