02 November 2013

Halloween Shenanies in 5 Pictures

Happy November Blogland!

Here goes my mandatory Halloween recap post, for those of you not ready to say goodbye to October yet. Matthew and I were a cowboy and an angel for Halloween (which definitely DO GO TOGETHER, btw) because there's a country love song called Cowboys and Angels haha. 

The costume picture:

The pumpkin pictures:
(Lillys Hello Kitty was my favorite)

The ward Halloween party picture:

And the office picture:

I love this dang holiday! Seeing people embrace their silly side and dress up for a day is priceless. Of course, it's also the opening day of eating season, so that's kind of a plus too. All diets will now be on suspension until further notice...aka January first ;)


Stacia, the Homey Owl said...

I like how simple you went with your angel costume, and yet it was still so obvious what you were!

scrapperjen said...

Great costumes! The pumpkins are great too

Courtney B said...

Girl, you look gooooooood as a blond ;)

Kenzie S said...

Your costume idea is adorable! Cowboys and angels definitely do go together :D

Ashley R said...

I love your costumes! You are such a cute blonde!

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