14 November 2013

So why was there a baboon on my driveway?

I have been having way too much fun these past couple of days to blog! 
Blogging is a hobby and I refuse to make a chore out of it, just in case anyone was wondering why I'm so patchy. Sorry I'm not sorry :)

So this weekend was Joey's birthday party and he wanted all the wild animals there to celebrate with him. I wasn't able to stay for the entire party because I had a baptism to go to (which is totally okay because I've met these guys before), but from what I could see, it was pretty awesome. Pretty much she has all the kids sit in a row, with the birthday boy in his front row seat, then she bring outs the wild animals one by one and lets us all look and sometimes pet while she tells us about them. Its a real crowd pleaser.

When it was time for the kangaroo she just let him out of the cage to hop around on his own! 
It was soooo weird to see a kangaroo just chilling in my backyard.

My favorite may have been this baby porcupine, born three days prior to the party.
Its kind of a huge letdown that he has poky quills all over because he's so cute I just wanted to cuddle him!

So when it was time for me to leave I reluctantly grabbed my keys and walked out the door...only to find a baboon sitting on my driveway! Hence the instagram picture. I guess my feelings towards monkeys have softened from a passionate disdain to a simple "they're my least favorite animals." It's a step in the right direction. 

That being said, I will NEVER like these guys.
I'll take any other monkey over this.


Brittany said...

That sounds like the best party ever!! I want to have them come to my house.

Jennifer Martinez said...

haha oh my goodness! THAT SNAKE!

Autumn Duke said...

Wow! You must be the best birthday planner around, and the most popular with all the kids. I love this idea. I want a kangaroo in my backyard! :)

Erica said...

What a great party idea!!!

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