19 December 2013

Proof that I work in "The Office"

The Office is one of Matthew and I's FAVORITE shows. That's why I was delighted to learn that my new office resembles the show on TV! For starters, my boss is Michael. Obviously not THE Michael Scott, but more like his long lost -just as awkward - cousin. Oh and his name really is Michael. True story.

Something that Michael my boss and Michael Scott (and my husband!) have in common is that they get a kick out of making awkward situations out of thin air. I'm pretty sure Michael Scott didn't realize what he was doing most of the time, but Michael my boss definitely does! Some recent quotes that I've been keeping track of include:

"Your Christmas decorations make me want to chew on them."

"WHAT IS IN YOUR HAIR? That is the most massive bun I've ever seen!"

"Ooh, are you going out on a date tonight? Well give your boyfriend a smooch for me...look him in the eyes tonight and say 'this is from Michael' okay?"

 You get the idea, right? It's craziness. He is also distracted by any brightly colored accessories the ladies in the office might be wearing at the time and if you're lucky, he does an impersonation of what your earrings look like when they're dancing around under your ears every time you turn your head.

But wait, there's more! He also keeps this on his desk...
(I actually just snuck in there to take a photo of it right now)

All that aside, the most incriminating piece of evidence I have against him is that he did his own little version of the Dundee Awards at the Christmas party! I kid you not, he called every single person up to bestow upon them an award for some silly characteristic they have (and no, he does not watch The Office). This of course was accompanied by a sweet message about how much he appreciates each of us individually, but still! Total Dundee status. I can't get enough of it - my office is just so much fun!

PS - My award, by the way, was "CANDY QUEEN" because somebody noticed that I eat candy for breakfast sometimes, hahaha. Oops. Luckily it came with the next days breakfast - a box of chocolates!

PSS - My boss also happens to be my Uncle, so I am allowed to call him out on Blogland any time I want.

15 December 2013

2013 Family Pictures

Weird story: On our wedding day, we have a picture of Matthew and I with my brothers, and we have a picture of Matthew and I with my parents...but SOMEHOW we skipped having all of us together in one picture. We didn't even realize that this significant moment had been forgotten in all the excitement until months later when we got the pictures back! You can imagine my poor mother's disappointment... 

Since then she has desperately wanted family pictures with Matthew and I and the family. We finally set a date when she happened to find a friend who was willing to take them for cheap and it seemed like all was well. On the drive there, however, we couldn't help but notice the ice cold, hurricane-like winds and the dark rain clouds rolling in. Of all days. When we got out of the truck we felt the first few ominous drops of rain, and I was sure the clouds would release their contents on our heads at any moment - but none of us dared to tell my mother that for fear that she would have an emotional breakdown or something, haha!  So we put on brave faces and huddled together with our jackets on for the majority of the session. Once the photographer told us where to go, we would fling our coats to the ground and race to get into position - a quick pose and a quick smile was all we had in us, before we went running back to the warmth of our coats.

 ^ Fun fact: When I smile big like this you can see that chunk of scar tissue in my lip if you look close. When I was 12 or 13 I knocked on an outward opening door, and the boy behind it slammed it open into my face - effectively splitting my lower lip in half. Even part of my gums were torn open.

 ^ In this picture, the boys are all huddled in one of those plastic playground tunnels in an attempt at escaping the wind.

^This is our favorite picture because we were warrm.

No less than twenty minutes after we were finished, the rain started pouring out of the sky.

 photo BlogHopButtonFinal_zps99116d5e.pngGlossy Blonde

06 December 2013

Housewife Bucket List

I've been married for a little over a year, and in that year I've had a lot of time to think of ways to improve myself and my marriage. I keep this unofficial list in the back of my mind...some of them are a constant effort and some of them are one and done type things, but all of them are things I have challenged myself to do at some point in my life. For giggles and grins, I thought I'd share it.

My official housewife bucket list:

1. Follow a cleaning schedule FOR AT LEAST A WEEK. I can never stick to those.
2. Make a Pecan Pie without screwing it up (Matt's Favorite)
3. Learn how to iron. I hesitate to add this one, because I am so bad at it that Matthew just says "That's okay...I'll iron my own clothes." 

4. Budget I get to cross this one off because I love the budgeting system Mattie and I use.
5. Have a baby. Let's be real.
6. CLOTH DIAPER said baby. Don't tell me its too inconvenient. I'm trying this.

7. Learn what all those stupid little symbols mean on the tags of clothes.
8. Know a recipe so well that I don't have to read the instructions.
9. Make my own recipe.
10. Become that girl you know who makes the BEST chocolate chip cookies.

11. Bake and decorate a wedding sized cake.
12. Sew a quilt.
13. Throw a themed party.

14. Decorate my home to match holidays/seasons
15. Host Thanksgiving dinner at my home.
16. Try making my own laundry soap.

17. Know how to remove any stain.
18. Have a garden.
19. Be polite even when I feel frustrated/tired/sad
20. Make a piece of furniture.
21. Make sure my actions are telling my husband that I love him everyday.
22. Have a Christ centered home.

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