15 December 2013

2013 Family Pictures

Weird story: On our wedding day, we have a picture of Matthew and I with my brothers, and we have a picture of Matthew and I with my parents...but SOMEHOW we skipped having all of us together in one picture. We didn't even realize that this significant moment had been forgotten in all the excitement until months later when we got the pictures back! You can imagine my poor mother's disappointment... 

Since then she has desperately wanted family pictures with Matthew and I and the family. We finally set a date when she happened to find a friend who was willing to take them for cheap and it seemed like all was well. On the drive there, however, we couldn't help but notice the ice cold, hurricane-like winds and the dark rain clouds rolling in. Of all days. When we got out of the truck we felt the first few ominous drops of rain, and I was sure the clouds would release their contents on our heads at any moment - but none of us dared to tell my mother that for fear that she would have an emotional breakdown or something, haha!  So we put on brave faces and huddled together with our jackets on for the majority of the session. Once the photographer told us where to go, we would fling our coats to the ground and race to get into position - a quick pose and a quick smile was all we had in us, before we went running back to the warmth of our coats.

 ^ Fun fact: When I smile big like this you can see that chunk of scar tissue in my lip if you look close. When I was 12 or 13 I knocked on an outward opening door, and the boy behind it slammed it open into my face - effectively splitting my lower lip in half. Even part of my gums were torn open.

 ^ In this picture, the boys are all huddled in one of those plastic playground tunnels in an attempt at escaping the wind.

^This is our favorite picture because we were warrm.

No less than twenty minutes after we were finished, the rain started pouring out of the sky.

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Brittany said...

These are really great pictures despite you guys freezing!! Thankfully the rain held out :)

Erica said...

Those photos are beautiful! That feeling of getting wedding photos back and realising there isn't one you'd hoped for is crushing. I realised we have no clear, normal picture with us and our bridesmaids and groomsmen all together. Glad you could mend your mum's broken heart! :)

Alexandra Marie said...

This pictures are beautiful! I am so glad that you could make your mom happy!

Whitney M. @ The Married Me said...

I think its easy to see where you got your super curly locks! Fun pictures!

Ashley R said...

Aw, such great photos!!

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