14 January 2014

An iPhone Update

The weekend before last, I went on a mini trip with my mom to Lake Havasu and we had a girls weekend with some friends there. So nice.

I realized that I might seriously have a thing for notebooks because no matter how many I have, I can always seem to find a reason to get another one. 

My Mattie and I had the best Saturday ever. Cuddled for hours, then ate dinner at one of our favorite fast food places (at an outside table because it was so nice!) THEN went to go see a movie and played in the arcade like kids while we waited for it to start. It's been hitting me lately how much I'll miss having him all to myself when the babies start coming. I'm a little nervous because I don't feel mature or responsible or put-together enough for kids...but if not now then when, you know? I thought I would just automatically be ready once I was married a while, but I feel less ready now than I did two years ago.

I painted for the majority of this past weekend and it was just so relaxing. I painted THREE canvases and I have nowhere to put them but all I want to do is go out and buy more to paint! I swear, they need to assign painting on canvas for people with anxiety or depression or any stress related problems whatsoever, it was so therapeutic. Also, this one looks dang good at my desk with that pretty pink notebook up there - double plus.


Jennifer Martinez said...

I LOVE NOTEBOOKS. It's a totally justifiable obsession, right?? :P And you can never go wrong with pink and gold, my two favorite colors!

Japolina said...

I love the painting!

Rachel Lynn said...

I'm with you on the notebook obsession....I probably have 3 that I work in at the moment and 10-15 just waiting...I just can't stop myself when I find another super fantastic one...

My Wholesome Home

Joanna said...

I love days with my husband like that. Speaking as a new mom, we do have those days still and sometimes it's with baby and it's just as fun, and sometimes we drop baby off at a sitter and truly savor the time together. It's definitely more challenging but still just as special. When you're ready you'll know and I give you props for being realistic about becoming a parent rather then acting on an impulse.

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