23 February 2014

Diary of a Mad Sick Woman

I do not ever remember having the flu, I never got chicken-pox as a kid, and I have not been even slightly sick in the past couple of years. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I have a few friends who ALWAYS seem to be sick...I've got to admit, sometimes I get a little jealous. I do, however, realize that I sound crazy when I say that, so I have come up with a list to justify myself.


1. I'm kind of a hyperchondriac so when I don't have mild colds to distract me I am often diagnosing myself with debilitating or chronic conditions. (Right now I'm convinced that I have arthritis and possibly epilepsy. Not even kidding.)

2. That voice that makes you sound like you have a smoking problem is kinda fun (read: sexy).

3. You can do nothing all day and not even feel bad about it.

4. Nobody will judge you for living off of broccoli cheese soup, chicken noodle, and hot apple cider. I personally want to live off of these things on a daily basis during winter.

5. Sweatpants and lounge wear and no makeup - again, nobody will judge you.

Welp, I got sick last week and it turns out that it's not exactly all its cracked up to be. I'm guessing if you're reading this you already knew that. Seriously though, how do people do this on a regular basis? I'm hiding away in my dungeon right now, but I see actual sick people going about their daily business all. the. time. I choose to blame them for my misconceptions, because they make it look so easy. If you're like me, and you never get sick, let me tell you how it really is....


1. You're tired, but you can't sleep. My body is achey, shakey, and weak, which in case you didn't know, makes it hard to fall asleep.

2. You're hungry but you can't eat, because you WILL throw up (my sickness came with a side of migraines).

3. My sinuses are waging a war. Against my head, my face, my sanity? I don't know, but they are definitely angry at SOMETHING. I can feel them throbbing in pain. Right now.

4. People did make fun of me for living off of soup and cider. Go figure.

5. Not being able to get anything done makes you feel even more miserable. I got crap to do, but all I'm doing is basically watching it pile up around me.

6. BONUS REASON: You know hanger? The struggle is also real when you are sick. Let's just say I do not feel like smiling.

PS - There is one plus side...if you're a complainer (like I am, apparently) you actually have something to complain about now haha. Rant over!

22 February 2014

I've been FEATURED.

Feel free to join me in giving myself a round of applause (and excuse me while I toot my own horn) but I must announce that I have been featured on the Rhonna Designs start-up screen. I know this is kind of obnoxious, but it's just so crazy because it's one of those things you think will never happen to you! Part of me (okay, all of me) feels the need to celebrate, juuuust in case nothing cooler than this ever happens to me, haha ;) If you had been in the room when I found out, you would have thought that I just won the gold or something!

The weird thing is that I always pick apart anything I make, so now I'm kicking myself for not making a few changes: 1) the "YOUR" is the same grey color as the rest of the words, but I should have made it black considering how skinny it is. 2) I didn't outline the "WATCHING" because I thought it made it too dark, but now I'm wondering if I should have?

Anyway, it doesn't even matter because Rhonna of all people liked it, and this is one surprise I am definitely going to let myself be happy about! And possibly announce to everyone I know.

Rant over.

19 February 2014

My top pins this week

A few months ago, I got sick of Pinterest. I know, I know, but my boards were out of control, unorganized, and half of the links took you to bad sources anyway - so I deleted EVERY pin and started over (pinterest suicide!?) It felt so clean and fresh and new...but two months later here I am again, over 1000 pins deep.

But it doesn't feel chaotic because the second time around I've been checking many (not all) of my links before pinning, and I'm only pinning things I absolutely LOVE. That's why when linkups like this come around, it's nearly impossible to pick a favorite. But I'll try my best. Now introducing, my faves of the week:

Cake batter blondies! I used to not care for birthday cake flavor, but it just feels so festive that it's hard to resist. Consider me invited to this mouth party.

Because I'm totally going to be able to pull this look off after a plateful of cake batter blondies, right?

Whenever my married friends start pinning an excess of baby stuff, I let myself get excited for a moment and think "Maybe?" However, anybody who follows me is sure to be desensitized to the onslaught of baby things. I'm what you'd call a shameless non-preggo baby pinner. And I love how this little girl's name is arranged in those frames.

Melt my heart, how true is this?!

My Mattie told me that he isn't offended by Goldendoodles because supposedly they shed less. So I've jumped onboard and pin away every single time I see one - it's my way of warming up to the idea of not having an Australian Shepard. 

And because I was never intending on only pinning just five. 
If this aint the truth I don't know what is.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Join us!

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17 February 2014

We Work

My Mattie and I have officially belonged to each other since two years ago today, so even though I am late for Valentines Day, I think it is the perfect day to write this post. 

We work because when I admit something embarrassing to him (like a quirk or weird thought I have) he easily accepts it as part of me.

We work because he doesn't make fun of me for blogging.

We work because I never say no when he asks for a foot rub.

We work because he tells me I'm beautiful when I look like a wildebeest.

We work because when I'm telling him a disgusting story about a patient I've had in the past and he tells me to stop because it's making him sick, I stop even though it is sooo hard.

We work because we both understand that each of us are high-maintenance lovers and we both require the other one to show us love daily.

We work because I have agreed to not ask him about what baby names he likes until I am pregnant.

We work because he doesn't scold me when we get the message that says I've used up 75% of our data that month. Or when we get the message that I've used 90%.

We work because when I mess up and get him the wrong gift he still loves it because I am the one who gave it to him (it's hard to shop for a guy whose interests are all things you know nothing about!).

We work because when he holds his arms straight out I understand that is my cue to crack his back.

We work because we give ourselves time to miss each other when he goes on a camping trip or I go on a weekend trip.

We work because he goes to family gatherings with me even though I am fully aware that he would much rather sit at home sometimes.

We work because he drives and I talk, but if he is lucky that day I will drive so he can sleep.

We work because he has agreed to buy me a horse one day.

We work because we have a money managing system that we both stick to.

We work because he considers fast food an acceptable dinner.

We work because he tells me when I cook him something he doesn't like.

We work because he lines the porta-potty seat for me.

We work because I actually pee'd in that porta-potty after he did that.

We work because he always turns his music down when I have a headache.

We work because he listens to me talk excitedly about how fascinating the human body is even though he would rather keep sex and science completely separate topics in his mind.

We work because we have the same goals for our future.

We work because sometimes I wear boring outfits for him even though I like loud outfits better.

We work because we WORK at it. Everyday.

Content brought to you by Laynah.
Concept brought to you by Bon + Tay

11 February 2014

Fighting in February?

So I may be about to talk about struggles of marriage, but that doesn't mean my last post doesn't ring true anymore because I am stiiiiiill smiling - even though I happen to be sick as well! (Am I losing it?)

I've just noticed this interesting pattern in my relationship...Matthew and I have had all our worst fights in February! I mean, we've only had two Februarys in our marriage so far, but they stand out because the rest of the time we don't really fight. Disagree? Daily! But fighting? No way. Last February we had our first major fight...and I'll never forget the day. This February, I just started having all kinds of negative thoughts ranging from: My ideas aren't valued around here! Wow, he didn't even notice that I did the laundry! to: He works so hard that I'll never be able to keep up with him. Maybe him and so-and-so who makes all of her bed sheets out of kitten hair would be a better match for him.  

Call it coincidence or a start-of-the-year slump, BUT the difference between last February and this February is that we have a year of communication skills and understanding of one another under our belt, and I brought these insecurities up to him and we made up and OH MY GOSH, post-makeup relationship mushy gushiness is the best. I feel like we're dating all over again except I love him 100x more than when we were actually dating. Right in time for Valentines day! Now I've been hiding these for him every morning and he parades around work with his prize and tells people that his wife is better than theirs. 

Moral of the story: Bring your insecurities up to him and guess what - he will reassure you! Now somebody build a time machine so I can go tell HIM that before last February happened. Or dont, because, you know, I always have to learn my lessons the hard way.

05 February 2014

I feel positively...positive!

Maybe its all the love in the air, but I have been feeling on top of the world this February. I made my new years resolutions painfully easy to attain so that I wouldn't disappoint myself, but I also had secret ideas in my head of things I hoped to improve haha. I've been trying really hard to be a doer and not a dreamer. When I get a negative thought (aka: ew, I feel gross today - I ate wayyy too much fast food this week) I've started trying this new thing where I fix it instead of beat myself up about it (aka: I know! I'll make sure to eat lots of fruits and vegetables NEXT week!). The most important part of this process is that I DON'T BEAT MYSELF UP over whatever the thing is first. Because then I get discouraged and all bets are off. 

BUT - the month is still young. So I've devised a plan to help me keep the good vibes rolling. I read something the other day that the average person will think about 60,000 thoughts in one day, and up to 2/3 of those will be negative. That's just terrible. This blogger wrote an excellent post on staying positive and loving yourself, and even came up with an impressive list of positive words. She suggests putting it on your mirror and picking a word that embodies you that day, but I am going to go down the list one at a time and have a word of the day. 

So on day one I'll focus on the word "adaptable" (or adapt) and challenge myself to use it in conversation as often as it applies. Then on day two I'll focus on the word "adored" (or adore or adoration). By the end (it will obviously take longer than a month) I hope to have expanded my vocabulary of positive words, thereby directing my mind to look on the positive side more often.

It's just too easy to start getting down on yourself, so I feel like I owe it to me to take advantage of this little spurt of positivity that I've stumbled across. Day five and going strong!

01 February 2014

Color Me Fabulous

Sister-in-love and I are really into fun runs. Today we ran in Color Me Rad and it was soo much fun (admittedly not quite as fun as The Bubble Run, but definitely a good time)! Then afterwards we went and saw The Saratov Approach and walked out of the theater with tear-streaked rainbow faces, haha! That's a successful Saturday in my book. 

So I have this little point and shoot that I feel comfortable taking with me on things like this...but I tend to get carried away. Sorry I'm not sorry.

After we crossed the finish line, we made our way over to the dance party/stuff your face with marshmallows competition and saw the guy from The Saratov Approach. Great movie, btw, you should go run out and see it if it's playing in a theater near you!

PS - blowing your nose after this is quite an experience.

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