01 February 2014

Color Me Fabulous

Sister-in-love and I are really into fun runs. Today we ran in Color Me Rad and it was soo much fun (admittedly not quite as fun as The Bubble Run, but definitely a good time)! Then afterwards we went and saw The Saratov Approach and walked out of the theater with tear-streaked rainbow faces, haha! That's a successful Saturday in my book. 

So I have this little point and shoot that I feel comfortable taking with me on things like this...but I tend to get carried away. Sorry I'm not sorry.

After we crossed the finish line, we made our way over to the dance party/stuff your face with marshmallows competition and saw the guy from The Saratov Approach. Great movie, btw, you should go run out and see it if it's playing in a theater near you!

PS - blowing your nose after this is quite an experience.

1 comment

Brittany said...

So fun!! I really should look into doing this and ya know, actually do it :)

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